TyC Sports was the most watched among all sports channels

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The holding of the World Cup in Qatar 2022, added to the triumph of the Argentine national team in that country, gave TyC Sports a privileged place on the grid. The signal managed to locate itself first place among all sports channels.

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According to sources from Ibope Argentina, in recent measurements, the Argentine channel leads the annual ranking of sports channels and has also reached highest monthly average in cable television history in all time slots.

In this way, TyC Sports has managed to establish itself as the public’s favorite sports channel during 2022 and one of the most watched in the overall ranking of pay-TV signals.

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The World Cup was the key

Also according to data provided by Ibope, in January-December 2022, TyC Sports averaged 1.41 points in the 12 to 24 hour period from Monday to Sunday, which implies 17.5% more than its main competitor of the sports segment.

In addition, it measured 1.16 points, from 7 to 24 hours (this means 20% more than the competition) and achieved 0.92 points in 24 hours, also registering 15% more than its on-screen rival in the same article.

In addition, the averages obtained by TyC Sports during the month of December mark a new milestone for Argentine television, reaching the highest monthly ratings in the history of cable television, in the three most relevant time slots for the market.

The transmission of the World Cup in Qatar played in December 2022 and which consecrated the champion of the Argentine national team has a lot to do with all these numbers. The telecast of the games allowed TyC Sports to end December with an average of 4.35 points in the 12 to 24 hour band, another 3.50 points in the 7 to 24 hour band and another 2.73 in the 24 hour band.

very high grades

According to these data, those of December 2022 are highest monthly averages in cable television history surpassing those recorded by TyC Sports in June 2014 (where it measured 3.99 points from 12 to 24) and the TN news signal in March 2020 (with 3.08 in the 7 to 24 segment) and September 2017 (with 2, 54 points in 24 hours).

To try to keep up those favorable numbers and taking advantage of the furor caused by the Argentine soccer team, throughout 2023, TyC Sports has already set up a very large grid that will broadcast the main sporting events in which the white and blue flag flies.

Through its screen you can experience the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile, the Men’s Basketball World Cup and the Men’s and Women’s Handball.

In addition, the Argentine soccer team will be present with the South American Under-20 and Under-17 youth soccer tournaments, the Davis Cup, the Argentina Open and the Billie Jean King Cup, among other sporting highlights of the year.

All these events are in addition to the regular broadcasts made by the signal of the Argentina Cup, Prima Nazionale, Prima B, Lega Nazionale Basket, Lega Argentina Volleyball, Prima Boxing, and the TC 2000 and Top Race competitions, among many others.

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Source: Clarin

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