The reaction of Nicole Neumann’s daughters when they found out she was marrying Manu Urcera

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After confirming in their networks that marriage with Manu Urcerahis partner for just over a year and a half, Nicholas Neumann looks happy. And so she let it be known in an interview that she gave to show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 11) where he also answered the million dollar question… How did your daughters react when they heard the news?

From Punta del Este, where he spends a well-deserved vacation together with the TC pilot, he recounted the details of the interview he had remotely with Allegra, Indiana and Siena. “My daughters cried. They told me they want to wear rings and they were happy because they never went to a wedding.”surprised by the reaction of the daughters had with the Cubero Bean.

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“It was a great way to start the year, but I miss my gorditas who were still on video call”, he clarified, when detailing the talk they had about it.

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“Video call with my kids sharing engagement moment that night 3/1/23,” she wrote about a video she shared on one of her Instagram Stories, captivating her three daughters. In the pictures you see the model happy with Manu and showing the girls the ring he had just received as a marriage proposal.

“Finally we are enjoying the holidays. Even if there are also work things”, said Nicole, who is still happy with the surprise received from her boyfriend, who He asked her to marry him when she didn’t even know about it.

We have not set a specific date yet. because we have to see the issue of Manu’s races, which are on weekends. It could be at the end of the year,” the model speculated.

How did the marriage proposal go?

It was Nicole herself who shared the news of the engagement with Urcera and the particular way in which the pilot made the proposal. On her Instagram account, where she has nearly two million followers, she uploaded a video showing what the moment was like. Also, she wrote “Yes, I do. My heart explodes with happiness! How magical it is to start the year like this!”he concluded.

“Yesterday I was filming thinking I was going to my in-laws anniversary dinner… I didn’t even know what to expect,” she revealed. Of course, the situation took place in the parents’ house of the recent TC champion and she never thought that she would be the star of the evening, given that They caught her deceived, thinking the dinner was a tribute to the in-laws.

Nicole, on the other hand, has uploaded a video in which we see a man dressed as a chef, in front of a large pot while reading a fragment of a famous letter that Frida Kahlo wrote to Carlos Pellicer in 1947.

Can you invent verbs? I want to tell you one: I love youso my wings spread enormously to love you without measure”, the man hears himself reading.

“He chose one of my favorite artists. Manu Urcera I love you”Nicole added along with the images.


Source: Clarin

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