Big Brother, LIVE: so Ariel promoted his barbecue before entering the house

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A new edition of Big Brother can be enjoyed on the Telefe screen, with the conduction of Santiago del Moro. Each of the participants aspires to win the prize of 15 million pesos.

The “most famous house in the country” has 2,200 square meters, 65 cameras and 87 microphones. Big Brother It can be watched on Telefe on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and can also be watched live 24/7 on Pluto TV channel 141.


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New in development

This is how Ariel promoted her grill before entering the house

In the good phone They showed an old video of Ariel promoting “El quincho”, the grill she has in the southern suburbs.

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Big Brother has told Juliet that he is having her birthday party

Julieta Poggio turned 21 and will be able to celebrate with a pool party. “It’s fun! It’s going to be really cool”Julie celebrated. “I am happy to spend my birthday here, it will be once in a lifetime,” added the attendee.

This was the strong discussion between Romina and Nacho

Marcos’ emotion when he talks about his family

“We have always been very close in the family. Later my brothers went to other countries. My sister went because of her boyfriend, my brother went to study. But I feel I have always had them very present, despite the distance”said Marcos, very sensitized, after hearing the greeting he received from his family.

In a broken voice, he continued: “In the worst moments, even if they are far away, they always knew how to get to me. And I believe that family is the most beautiful gift one can have in life. They are people who will never let you down. And those are the things I value most in this life. Telling them that I love them and loved the video gives me a lot of strength to continue.”

Singing and dancing to greet the eliminated

The participants, with Juliet in the lead, choreographed the song they performed to fire the future eliminated. They changed the lyrics of the song Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52 and it stayed “Queeedate, home hurts without you.”

Participants did not comply with the weekly test

Big Brother has announced that they will have half the budget this week.

This was the confrontation between Alfa and Ariel to make the roast

Coti has liquidated Romina

“Romina is the queen of lies. Because She said she was there for her daughters and it turns out she’s a millionaire. She has more money than all of us.”assured the current on the former deputy.

Ariel won the battle and took over the grid

After dealing with Alpha and Romina (mostly over the brine), Ariel has prevailed and is carrying on the barbecue.

Cone helped Ariel with the barbecue. Behind him, Alfa on harmonica and Camila on guitar. Catch TV.

a different Sunday

“Welcome to a Sunday out of the ordinary, because there will be a barbecue, we will see greetings from relatives and playing the guitar,” announced Santiago del Moro at the beginning of Big Brother.

Alfa criticized Duki and then surprised with some rhymes

While Duki’s song “Goteo” played, Alfa questioned the artists who rap. But after surprised with an improvisation on Big Brother.

A drone flew over the house with the sign “Coti returns”

Constanza Romero’s followers flew a drone over the house Big Brother with a sign and the legend: “Koti returns”.

Ariel and Juliet, who were in the courtyard, saw the drone and were amazed. “No, idiot, a drone!”Express “Disney”.

Quickly, the phrase “Coti returns” has become a trend on social networks.

Ariel and Juliet’s surprise when they see the drone with the “Coty Returns” sign. Catch TV.

Why did Telefe change the day of the Elimination Gala?

For the debut of The Hotel of the famous 2 (El Trece), Telefe played their chips.

This Monday at 21:45, instead of the “Intimate” with the brand new eliminated, we will see the Elimination Gala.

Like yapa, the conductor of the cycle, Santiago del Moro, will enter the house by surprise to tell you, among other things, that on Tuesday, whoever is in reality from the beginning, will be able to compete for a km 0.

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Ariel’s Confession Before the Elimination Gala

Ariel is one of the participants who is on the plate, together with Agustín and Alexis “El Conejo”. In dialogue with Romina, the participant assured: “I’m not that sad yet.”

“Well, better,” the former MP told Ariel, who is one of the best candidates to leave the house tomorrow, Monday, when the Elimination Gala takes place.

Romina has whitewashed that the production has given her information and there is controversy

In a chat with Camilia and Julieta, in which they had hypothesized how Big Brother will continue, Romina underlined: “The production folks told me the 20 was left over for…”.

At the moment, Pluto TV streaming has stopped, which caused more interpretations to be spawned in the networks. Many have begun to question whether the isolation of participants within the home is so true.

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Did Juliet win the Big Brother challenge?

Days ago, Julieta asked to celebrate her birthday with a “pool party”. But to make her dream come true, Big Brother challenged her to create a choreography with Alfa and Ariel, two participants who can’t even see each other.

At the last house party, Julieta danced with Alfa to “Stayin’ Alive”, and behind them Ariel joined them to do a few steps. Will this be enough for you to take on the GH challenge and celebrate the festivities you expect?

The Elimination Gala changed the day

Today Sunday, there will be no elimination galasuch is the custom of Big Brother.

However, there is a special program from 10.15pm, as it is likely there will be a special surprise for the participants inside the house.

The Elimination Gala will take place tomorrow, Monday 9 Januarythe day the second season of “El hotel de los famed” on El Trece will begin.

The three participants on the plate are: Alexis “the Rabbit”, Ariel, Agustín.

Here’s what the candidate plate looked like. The eliminated will be known on Monday 9/1.

Source: Clarin

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