Score: how Alex Caniggia behaved on his debut as a driver

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The Thirteen chose this one Monday January 9 as a day to grill all your summer meat: a premiere in prime time, two in second and, the fourth, The Hotel of the famous 2, inside early evening. The first to try in the field was The usual strangerswhich marked the debut of Alex Caniggia as a television presenter.

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Announced for 2.30pm, the entertainment program started ten minutes later than scheduled, with a somewhat accelerated Caniggia, and always clinging to his high self-esteem: “New Driver, Faker, Cool”. After the introduction, the game has started.

Y he also started a new competition against Telefe: in the first minutes of The usual strangersEl Trece was at 4.5 points, while Cut by Lozanowith Verónica Lozano’s return to the screen, it was at 8.7.

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at half an hour, the gap was closing: Telefe magazine fell to 7.8, while Caniggia’s news had risen to 5. The third in discord was intruders (America)which at the time of the competition was between 1.5 and 1.7.

Already at the end (said goodbye at 15:56, four minutes before the announcement), the Boxfish-produced El Trece program was around 4 pointsagainst 7.8 of Cut by Lozano. This Tuesday we will know the final averages, but Caniggia is known to have been second in his streak.

How is the game

The dynamic proposes to identify ten strangersof which the production provides isolated clues: there is a list of characteristics of each of them, such as physical attributes, personal achievements, curiosities and verifiable skills or professions, and the challenge will be to find out who is who.

The participant must match each of the qualities with the unknowns and, with each hit, you will access a sum of money. If all identities are correct you can take a million pesos.

In his first broadcast, The usual strangers handed over 120k which Lucas took, which got off to a weak start, but then hit the nail on the head. True to his style Caniggia decided to baptize him with a nickname and put him “Raspi”.

The locution of the cycle is borne by Walter Quejeirowhich is in permanent communication with Caniggia, like a humorous duo, one on and one off.

Competitors also have the option to face the “Mysterious Relative” and try to guess which stranger is familiar. The decision is whether to risk losing silver or double it.

Double debut: father and pilot

This Sunday, through social networks, Caniggia and his partner, the dancer Melody Luz, have announced that they will become parents in a few months. They met in the first season of The hotel of the famousAnd they’ve been together for eight months now.

Last week, in a chat with clarionAlex shamelessly defined himself: “I’m a Viking. I have it all, love, money, fame. What more can I ask? Now the driver of the channel. I join them!”.

“I’m very good and I can improvise a bit, but always following the rules of the game, because otherwise, the spectator will lose badly,” he admitted. “The emperor”albeit in its first broadcast he was seen with his histrionics somewhat overworked. Perhaps, the nerves of the debut.

Source: Clarin

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