Rating: How was the competition between Big Brother and the debut of L’Hotel dei Famosi

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The good performance of Big Brother 2022, the most watched cycle of this television season, recorded strong differences in terms of ratings before the debut of El hotel de los Famosos 2, at least in what was the ranking of minutes.

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when The celebrity hotelthe eltrece reality show, entered the screen with the presentation of the participants in the casona de Cañuelas which serves as a five-star hotel, Big Brother It had already been on the air for some time and had an average of 23.8 rating points, while the new expedition of the production house Bxfish, hosted by Pampita Ardohain and the chinese leuni It has reached 4.7, according to the minute-by-minute data released by the various portals.

The tactical challenge was left in the hands of Telefé, who offered an elimination gala with the addition of the cyclist, Santiago del Morosneaking into the house first The celebrity hotelwhich had to sacrifice its first hour of air with the presentation of its 16 participants.

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While the Telefé program has been on the air for some time, with well-known characters and various intrigues continuing to weave their ranks in an ever empty and sometimes cutthroat competition, the Hotel can barely show up and the combustion it promises hasn’t even delivered his first calls.

Who’s who in the hotel

It was clarified in this first broadcast (the cycle will be seen from Monday to Thursday at 10.30 pm) that of its 16 participants, some aimed at the point based on grace, intelligence or impudencetipping the balance of interests and others have gone much more unnoticed, even when the stories, for the moment, are barely hinted at, or perhaps not even at all.

The Venezuelan actor Fernando Carilloformer partner of Catherine Fulop and star of soap operas such as Beautiful face, Abigail Y Passion flowerBesides being a frequent contestant on various reality shows on the continent, he undoubtedly stood out for his grace, stage commitment and ingenuity.

Like the former model and actress Marengo rockthan with this Already accumulate 15 participations in reality shows or television competitionswho together with Charlotte Caniggia and the ex Big Brother Marian Farjat seemed to light up the most attractive tips on the female side.

Other competitors who could promise the future, such as Alejo Ortiz, Emiliano Rella, Delfina Gerez Bosco, For Moyano and Juani Martino just worked out.

Some like the Uruguayan Abigail Pereyra, rocker Erica Garcia and former footballer Sebastián Cobelli don’t seem called upon to arouse great passions in the public, even if these prejudices can be overthrown by the weather in a match that has just begun and where no one has yet shown their cards.

All the more taking into account that, in this kind of intertwining, life stories can take points away from the histrionic, which is the first to shine, even if not necessarily the last.

The explosion of brutal honesty from Carlotta Caniggia (“I’m just coming to win money”) gave it the appeal viewers look for in these games.

the first race

There was then a first somewhat wild competition, which led to the separation between “guests” and “staff”, as well as the first nomination of the cycle fell on MImi AlvaradoEl Tirri’s Dominican girlfriend, who didn’t seem to fit in well with her colleagues and who paid the piper for a somewhat hasty “game” and for a few slips they wouldn’t forgive him.

Around midnight the two reality shows were ending and the first hand of a challenge was concluded which will have several chapters but which had started irregularly.

The sending off of “Cone” Alexis scored 22.4 rating points in “Big Brother” and “the most unpredictable hotel in Argentina”, as Pampita cataloged it at one point in the show, with an average of 4, 3.

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Source: Clarin

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