Julieta Venegas’ divorce: her husband dedicated a song to her and cheated on her with the video clip actress

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One of the best known songs of the Mexican singer Julieta Venegas goes like this: “I’m leaving, what a pity, but goodbye! I say goodbye and I’m leaving”. Something like this is what she said to her first husband, Chilean musician Álvaro Henríquez, more than 20 years ago. Julieta and Álvaro were married for two years, from 1998 to 2000. Now, the 52-year-old artist has revealed the surprising reason for their breakup.

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The successful singer likes Salt and lemon or You are for me He was chatting with Mexican broadcaster Yordi Rosado on his YouTube channel when, after reviewing his music career, he got into a more personal field.

The presenter asked him about his relationship with Henríquez, a member of the Los Tres and Pettinellis gangs. They worked together on the José José tribute album, where she performed the song The sadproduced by the Chilean musician.

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crazy relationship

“I met him because he’s a musician, and nothing, it was crazy,” the Mexican commented with a laugh, adding that their romance was somewhat unusual. “He’s always lived in Chile and I’ve always lived in Mexico, that is we got married but each continued to live in their own country”, he counted.

The singer-songwriter said they got married with enthusiasm and never resolved the decision on where they would settle to live together. “It was a lot of fun: ‘We get married and then we decide where we’re going to live.’ And no one has ever moved from their own country,” he explained.

It was never resolved and we separated”, he said calmly. But the most amazing thing was yet to come.

“Also, we broke up more or less quickly because… it’s a lot of fun. Now I find it very funny,” Julieta continued, before revealing what happened with Álvaro, hinting that he is already more than overwhelmed.

He wrote her a beautiful song

“He wrote me a super nice and very romantic song called Do not leave mewhich is beautiful, and in the video he made of that song there was an actress who then fell in love and left me for that actress,” he revealed to the astonished face of the announcer.

And though Juliet didn’t give that actress’ name, It is the Chilean Patricia Lópezbecause she is the protagonist of the video of the group Los Tres.

“It’s very funny, I mean, I love how it turns (that life gives),” she said with a laugh. “Obviously at that moment it was very painful, but it was obvious that we would end up separating If neither of us decided to go to each other’s country, what would have happened in the end.”

“But I find it very funny that it was only called the video clip of the song he wrote to me Do not leave me”, he said, underlining the irony of the situation.

The artist has stated that he does not feel resentment towards his ex for having started a story that did not last long. “I love it,” she added.

Julieta and Álvaro ended their marriage in 2000, two years after getting married. Subsequently, she rebuilt her life with Argentine musician Rodrigo García Prieto, with whom she had a daughter, Simona, in 2010. After separating from him, Argentine entrepreneur Pablo Braun entered her life, whom she married in 2016 and with whom he currently lives in Buenos Aires.

Source: La Vanguardia / Elena Castells

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