Wanda Nara exploded because Instagram censored a photo for considering it ‘sexual content’

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in the last hours Wanda Nara She looked very sexy in a photo she shared on Instagram, where she has nearly 16 million followers. However, the social network censored her and she was very surprised.

Before going to Turkey, where she will meet Mauro Icardi again, the blonde set social media ablaze with an image in which sheI saw her almost naked posing on a beach in Punta del Este, where he was on vacation with his sister Zaira.

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The truth is that after a few hours the image disappeared and many assumed that it was she who decided to delete it given the amount of critics which he had received.

Is that the post was filled with messages accusing the media of use photoshop a lot. Though Wanda initially chose to remove the comments, the photo eventually disappeared.

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To put an end to the rumors and clarify the situation, the entrepreneur shared a screenshot of the message received from Instagram in her stories.

“Your post has been removed. Violates our Community Guidelines for Adult Sexual Services. Our standards encourage people to speak respectfully to each other. If you think we’ve made a mistake, you can ask us to review the decision,” the screenshot reads.

Where it is also clarified: “We don’t allow people to facilitate, promote, or coordinate sexual activity on Instagram.”

“WHAT??”Wanda added. And she clarified that she didn’t understand why they had decided to cancel the publication.

Furthermore, the blonde defended herself from criticism for excessive Photoshop by sharing a video that her friend and personal stylist, Kennys Palacioshe recorded the moment he took the photo session in the sand.

Many have speculated that he wanted to make it clear that his figure had no digital retouching. But it again generated criticism for the filter Kennys had while recording the video.

It should be noted that a few days before she shared the photo, a version had emerged assuring that Wanda would receive an offer to be the face of a famous platform that sells erotic content.

That’s why they haven’t ruled out that the post on Instagram and the “censorship” would be one more move than those that characterize the media when they want to promote something.

Rumors suggest that Zaira’s sister wants to stay and live in Argentina, where, in addition to her cosmetic brand, she would have many job offers to participate in various television programs. It was even said that she would even offer to launch himself as a singer.

Little is known about the working and love future of the media from which he moved away a few weeks ago L-Ghent and on social media he again showed himself very close to the father of his daughters, to whom he left some comments. Also, he was shown wearing the wedding ring again.


Source: Clarin

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