Camila’s heartbroken cry in “Big Brother” after having a nightmare: who do you think dreamed?

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by Camilla Big Brother I woke up in the middle of a crying fit this wednesday mid morning after suffering a nightmare, according to her, and was quickly consoled by Maxi, Juliet Y Danielawho didn’t quite understand what had happened but ran to her aid as soon as they heard her crying.

After helping her onto the bed in her room, where Cami slept alone and suddenly woke up drenched in sweat and visibly dizzy, Daniela accompanied her to the bathroom.He helped her wash her face, comb her hair and with breathing techniques managed to get her back to her normal rhythm.

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So, Pestañela, as they call the young participant, He advised his partner to take a bath and she listened to him. After that, Cami sat with her stuffed animal on a cushion on her patio and lit a cigarette to get lost in her thoughts.

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A few minutes later she made herself some tea and went out to drink it in the garden while she sang Gorge with sandthe classic of Cacho Castaña, e My wayanother hit sung by the late artist and author of numerous tangos.

“Let’s go to the live house Camila is crying… I play double against the single who cries because he dreamed of his father, sure, sure…” he said Georgina Barbarossa aired on her program as soon as they told her because of a cockroach that they would show images of the contestant crying inconsolably on the air.

“What a bad feeling to wake up so scared when you have a nightmare”opined Noah Antonellione of the speakers of Barbarossa (Telephone, from Monday to Friday at 9.30). “Now, how lucky that he is in the house and they contain him with lots of love”Georgina narrowed it.

“It could be the birth, the huge need to meet the sister again,” said the former GH and member of said panel Gaston Trezeguet. “She didn’t say how it sounded, but it must be something very personal,” suggested Barbarossa.

“She is very energetic and when the recession hits it is very noticeable because he’s always smiling and always awake… Let’s not forget this too poor Cami she misses her father so muchit’s something very recent (his death) and I think he’s still going through a more difficult mourning phase inside,” Juliana, the eliminated player, said on a video call after re-entering the playoffs.

On social media, people have also highlighted: “Camila always tells and underlines What is it difficult for her to sleep alone after her father’s death?. I don’t know if she is having a panic attack or she is distressed if she had a bad dream. The first one who didn’t hesitate to get up was Maxi as soon as she heard her.

“Camila, since she talked to Tora (after a hard fight) she makes drama because she feels persecuted, for me, huh,” added another Twitter user, questioning the veracity of the tears of the young contestant, who entered the most famous house in the country with Ariel on December 15th.


Source: Clarin

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