Home Entertainment Luciano Castro got angry when asked about his current relationship with Sabrina Rojas: ‘Speak well or shut up’

Luciano Castro got angry when asked about his current relationship with Sabrina Rojas: ‘Speak well or shut up’

Luciano Castro got angry when asked about his current relationship with Sabrina Rojas: ‘Speak well or shut up’

Luciano Castro was interviewed in intruders (America, Monday-Friday at 1:30pm) and exploded in anger when asked about his kids and his relationship with his ex, Sabrina Rojas.

Is that the actor is doing a season in Mar del Plata, where he stars Divorce With Pablo Rago, Natalie Perez Y Charles Contewhich was added after the separation of Leticia Brédice in the midst of a media scandal.

The truth is that, from the spa town, Luciano spoke to the program he leads Florence de la Ve and, although the interview started off with good vibes, his attitude completely changed when one of the panelists asked him about his current relationship with the mother of his children.

It should be remembered that, despite having a relationship with Flor Vigna for some time, he has been seen very close to the model and actress and there have been several occasions in which he has been seen to leave in four: Luciano with Flor and Sabrina with “El Tucu” Lópezher current boyfriend.

Was Nancy Duracycle speaker of America, who consulted the actor for a “sincerecide” he had Sabrina Rojas days ago, when he stated that if he did not have children in common with Castro, he would not maintain the relationship with him.

“I think like her. You will not part with someone to keep seeing them”, he replied, visibly annoyed.

“But you are it seemed they were close friends and now it seems that this is not the case,” insisted the journalist.

“Why not? What happened?” the actor replied uneasily. “They are different things. Everything that is done for the well-being of children It has nothing to do with the adult theme.“, He added.

Immediately afterwards the driver intervened, recalling the birthday of one of Luciano’s children and questioning him on the question of the children’s photos with their parents’ new companions.

“I see that among you they are doing very well on this subject,” said Florencia.

The actor exploded and lashed out at everything: “I don’t understand why there wouldn’t have been. There are many things that can be seen dealing with adults.

Either you speak well or shut up. Because after what it has to do with the boys, we do our homework from one to the other.”

And continued: “For the boys, life is good and that’s why you work. This thing that we used to be friends for and now we’re not anymore, surely as soon as we separated the dialogue was much more because we had much more to direct and direct than our new life”.

What Sabrina Rojas had said about her relationship with Luciano Castro

In mid-December, Sabrina Rojas was interviewed in show partners (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 11) and recounted her current relationship with Luciano Castro, with whom she has two children in common.

“Friends we are not, of course”said the model on the El Trece show.

“I don’t do anything to do with (Luciano Castro’s) fat man,” the former model clarified. And she lashed out: “If I didn’t have children with Luciano, I would never see him again”.

And he stated that “if one is left with unresolved things, it is very difficult to come together.”


Source: Clarin


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