Clara Chía Marti, Piqué’s girlfriend against whom Shakira targeted: what does she do and where did she meet the Spaniard?

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As soon as Shakira confirmed her split from Gerard Piqué seven months ago, the Spanish media began linking the defender more strongly with a young Catalan named Clare Chia Marti.

According to the press, the footballer and his current partner They met early last year. in The bada nightclub in Barcelona where she worked as a waitress and he went when he went out to a party without the singer.

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The first photo of them together dates back to February 2022, long before it broke out in the media the crisis between Colombian and Catalan which led to his own definitive separation.

However, it wasn’t until last August after months of secret meetings, which Piqué and his current girlfriend showed together for the first time. It was in a recital by the Spanish singer Daniel Martin first and then at the wedding party of a friend of the footballer.

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The present of Clara Chía Marti and her life story

According to information from various Catalan news portals, Clara has 23 yearsshe studies advertising and currently works as an event organizer in the company Kosmos Global Holding SLconnected to the player.

On both the paternal and maternal side, Clara has Catalan roots and study in a Catalan school, where relatives of Lionel Messi and of Pep Guardiolalocated in the district of sarriaone of the most exclusive in Barcelona.

“He has a nice person’s name, clearly not what it seems”launched Shakira in the provocative song she recorded with Bizarrap, the BZRP Music Session No. 53. And many of her followers have interpreted that this phrase is dedicated to Clara.

Despite this, who knows her they ensure she is a good young woman, of good family and very low profile. Indeed, as soon as rumors of an affair with Piqué began, she decided to shut down all of its networks and keep your account instagram as private.

Then, the Spanish site vanity revealed that his parents were lawyers and described them as “very well connected people in the upper area of ​​Barcelona” which is dedicated to the “purchase and sale of material for paper machines”.

Gerard Piqué’s travels with Clara Chía Marti and the official presentation with his children

A month after whitewashing their romance, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía Marti ran away to Pariswhere it was shown that they shared a file romantic dinner in one of the most exclusive restaurants in the French capital.

According to the Catalan press, this was neither the first nor the last of his trips, since weeks before leaving Paristhey would visit other European cities such as Stockholm Y London.

Meanwhile, in October of last year, when the relationship was already consolidated, the couple took it one step further and he introduced her children, Sasha Y Milanthe result of his relationship with Shakira.

The news of that meeting reached the press through the images that were broadcast by a program on the Univisión network, The fat and the thinwhere is it The soccer player is seen with his children and girlfriend playing in a park with a ball and one of his dogs.

According to the information transmitted in the aforementioned cycle, such a meeting took place in one of the athlete’s houses, located nearby the pyreneesto Barcelona.


Source: Clarin

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