The famous hotel 2: Marcela Tinayre gave the best tips for being a good hostess

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Marcela Tinayre was the first invited The hotel of the famous 2 , the reality show hosted by Carolina Pampita Ardohain and Chino Leunis on El Trece (until now, 9.40pm, and Mondays at 6.30pm). Mirtha Legrand’s daughter taught the participants how to be the best hosts.

Furthermore, in yesterday’s broadcast, three nominees -Charlotte Caniggia, Mimi Alvarado and Alejo Ortiz- faced each other in the labyrinth. Then, the “All against all” was performed. Finally, it was defined who are the two participants who will measure the forces in the H.

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The hotel manager, Gabriel Oliveri, received Marcela Tinayre and led her to the living room where all the inhabitants of the luxurious hotel were waiting for her to learn all the advice she would give them to show off when they received guests at home or guests of the hotel.

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“I love the art of receiving because I don’t see it as frivolity but as a way to entertain others,” Oliveri said. “And Marcela is here to teach us how to receive guests at home or in a hotel,” she added.

Marcela started by teaching her how to make a gin and tonic. “For a start, drinking water is forbidden, for a start. If you don’t have glasses, I use glasses for champagne, gin and tonic or wine, all the same. Or all different. Don’t get too worked up about having all the same glasses: that is old”.

Tinayre’s next piece of advice was, “Whenever you’re going to make a drink out of an alcoholic beverage, ice comes first, very first. For gin and tonic, factor in a quart of gin and the rest, any brand of tonic, including light. Also, lemon, stuffed oranges and grapefruit.”

Gabriel Oliveri said: “Another of the things Marcela does when you enter her house is to welcome you with toast, cheese and all the delicacies you can imagine”. In front of a platter with various cheeses and toasts, Tinayre specified: “If there is a lunch at my house, all this must be small, just a snack”.

It has been defined who goes to the duel in the H

The three nominees of the week -Charlotte Caniggia, Mimi Alvarado and Alejo Ortiz- competed in the labyrinth. The test required physical dexterity, speed and manual dexterity.

At the end of the game, Pampita announced who had won: “The participant who managed to get out of the labyrinth fastest did it in 3 minutes and 25 seconds: it was Charlotte Caniggia”.

“I expected it because I run very fast. I’m happy for me”, reacted the daughter of Mariana Nannis and Claudio Paul Caniggia.

He then dedicated the victory to his brother Alex, winner of the first edition of The Famous Hotel, “because he told me I could”. “Caniggia’s blood is intact”, enthused the player who until now had complained about having to work as a staff member in the reality show.

Second place in the labyrinth test went to Alejo Ortiz. A) Yes, mimes alvarado -that it took 5 minutes and 30 seconds to complete the challenge- she was the first duelist. “I expected it because the energy sticks got stuck when I entered,” said the young woman from the Dominican Republic who became famous in Argentina for her courtship with Luciano El Tirri, cousin of Marcelo Tinelli.

Subsequently, in the “All against all”, both the guests and the staff voted define who deserved to go to H with Mimì. They opted for Érica García. So, Erica and Mimì will star in the duel in H and the loser will be eliminated from the reality show.

Please note that starting next Monday, The hotel of the famous 2 schedule changes: it will be broadcast at 18:30..​


Source: Clarin

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