Alexis’ journey in ‘The 8 Steps’: moved by her story, she demonstrated knowledge and wants the record award

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nubile alexis is one step away from making history the 8 steps, the question-and-answer cycle it leads Guido Kaczka in El Trece (Monday to Friday at 21:15). Should the 23-year-old get a new win this Monday, will earn 10 million pesos, a record amount for the program.

Until now, Alexis, from Villa Lugano, has amassed 8 million and together with Pablo Davita (he participated at the end of 2022) he holds the record. Hernán Parada also won eight million, but in a surprising gesture he withdrew and kept six million, giving two to Georgina, his rival.

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The participation of Alexis a the 8 steps started on Monday January 9, where he got his first win. However, that day also touched Kaczka and everyone present with his life story about him.

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The participant, who suffers from a central nervous system disease that confines him to a wheelchair, explained that the reason he joined the program is that he has to pay for expensive drugs.

“There is a drug that I want to apply and we are working on it. But social work poses obstacles because medicines are very expensive. Then the money would be used to pay the lawyers and guardianship”he said that day, making clear his intention to carry out the treatment that improves his quality of life.

Alexis, who said she lives with her mother María Rosa, first day he impacted with his story but then he would with his knowledge.

With great confidence he accumulated correct answers, he made a perfect route without mistakes, he reached the final, in the last question (“which European tourist attraction is over 600 years old?”) he answered correctly “Tower of Pisa” and he took his initial 2 million.

“Alexis is the winner! Alexis, who lives in Villa Lugano with her mother María Rosa. His father’s name is Daniel. He has two dogs, Frida and Vera. Her grandparents are Eduardo and Mabel… ”, Kaczka celebrated the triumph of Alexis, who received her mother and a friend for the party, a custom that would later be repeated.

On Tuesday, the scene repeated itself. The young man has once again demonstrated all his wisdom and has established himself again in the game, without fail, accumulating 4 million.

“Faced with the refusal of my prepaid card to cover the expensive treatments, I intend to invest a large part of the money in lawyers who will lead a process to reach a good port”he reiterated on the destination that will give him the economic prize.

On Wednesday, Alexis won again (accumulating 6 million pesos) and Guido asked him for another destination for the money. Then the young man confessed: “I want my independence”, revealing his intention to go live alone. And then she, with a lot of charisma, added: “It’s not because I can’t stand living with my mum, um, on the contrary, I love her so much, but I would like to go and live alone”.

“Which famous Argentine writer was a physicist?” was the last question on Thursday. Alexis replied to Ernesto Sábato and reached the record figure of 8 million.

“Eight million pesos! Wonderful. He got the most, like Pablo. How wonderful! He’s a winner again”the driver exclaimed, while Alexis, excited as never before, celebrated -once again- with his mother and his friend.

Then came Guido’s question: “You have entered the Olympus of the 8 steps. You are among the gods of the game. Now you can be the god of all gods if you win 10 million pesos. You would become the Zeus. For that you have to come back, it’s up to you. Alessio, are you coming back?”

Super secure and confident, Alexis said: “Yes, I’ll be back.”

The well-deserved rest has arrived on Friday (special broadcast by the 8 steps attended by former contestants who had lost in the first stage) and on Monday 16 January Alexis will be back for a record 10 milliona figure that will give him – in Kaczka’s words – the nickname of “Zeus of the programme”.


Source: Clarin

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