Bailey Bass and Jamie Flatters, the new generation of Avatars, and how to learn to act underwater

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When the first Avatar came out, thirteen years ago, they were very young: Bailey Low I was 6 and Jamie flatters9. At that time, it was impossible to imagine that today they would form part of the new generation in the sequel directed by James Cameron, the path of the water.

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Now they are the young actors of the saga, “the children of” Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldaña, in the case of Flatters (Neteyam, the eldest); and Kate Winslet, in Bass’s (plays Tsireya).

Experience the world premiere of the film, on the blue carpet in London, and interviews with the press the thrill of the new and the freshness of the 1920s, even though Bailey, who was born in the United States, is only 19 years old.

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shocked by the size

She says she didn’t realize what the film meant to people and what it would mean to be a part of that legacy. until she saw it in the cinema. Now he talks about the “experience” of being in the cinema, in front of the giant screen and the importance of having that space “to see films of this magnitude”.

Jamie listens and nods as she plays with her rings, she has one on each finger. He waits for his partner’s silence and answers softly for him “it’s a great honor”. “I think it’s fascinating to be able to work with the greatest directors and actors, a dream come true”, sums up the young man who was born in London and is 22 years old.

When they talk about training for the film, they are, to a large extent, referring to the work required learn to act underwater, one of Cameron’s challenges for this film. “It was something unique,” he says. “Fun”, complete.

“We had months and months of training, like a year of freediving before shooting anything underwater,” Jamie says. “Fate. But my first scene was underwater,” he interrupts.

Bailey says the key is to check your brain which, at first, warns you: “Don’t go under the water, don’t go that low, you might drown”. “Beyond that, everything was great,” she adds.

extremely confidential

How did you prepare to play your characters?

BaileyYou failed to prepare you couldn’t take the script home because it was extremely confidential, so they were meetings in the hotel. Jim was rehearsing and planning each scene long before we even got on set to shoot.

I can say it helped me find my character and Jim was such an excellent director. I didn’t know much about technique, I just memorized my lines and trusted my director, he came up instinctively and I’m grateful.

-How was a day of shooting?

Jaime: Totally different from each other, it depended if you were on land or in water and if it was an action scene or with dialogues.

-How was working with James Cameron?

Bailey: Phenomenal, he’s an actor director, he really cares about us as people and not just tools to use in a film to create this supernatural creature and we learned a lot from that.

-What can you tell us about the evolution of your characters in the next films?

Bailey: We will be able to explore more Pandora (the Avatar universe) and the evolution of the characters and their relationship with each other. My favorite part of a movie or a series is when a character becomes specific. Jim takes it to another level, it gives each character their own context, and feel that you are part of their journey. We will continue to do so.

One before and one after

-What does Avatar represent for your careers?

Jaime: It is the first film we have made and probably the best director we have the privilege to work with.

-Did you dream of being part of a project like this?

Bailey: I knew I wanted to be in action movies, I’ve always been fascinated by it because I grew up watching that type of movie, so being a part of something that has action but also surpasses it, that has this subtext of love and caring for the of each other, it’s an honor.

-The film leaves many messages, which ones do you think are worth highlighting?

Bailey: I think it is very impressive and completely unexpected how children take care of their parentssomething you don’t see much in movies.

Jaime: I agree that the world existed before you and will exist after you are gone.

-How did you feel when you saw the final result?

Bailey: It was so exciting, I remember Jamie crying. I hugged Trinity (who plays the youngest daughter of the protagonists) and told her “you did it”. I felt so proud. There are some scenes in the film where I said “dear mom”, I can’t even put into words how I feel because this is a very special film.

And the public? “People are going to love it,” Bass says with conviction. “All of them?” Flatterers replies. “What do you mean? Everyone will have his opinion of him: he will say that I liked the first one more or I liked him better Avatar, the path of waterbut everyone will leave the cinema moved. His ideas will be challenged like in the first film,” concludes Bailey.

London, special envoy.

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Source: Clarin

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