Big Brother, LIVE: Alfa analyzed the elimination of Thiago and was lapidary

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A new edition of Big Brother can be enjoyed on the Telefe screen, with the conduction of Santiago del Moro. Each of the participants aspires to win the prize of 15 million pesos.

The “most famous house in the country” has 2,200 square meters, 65 cameras and 87 microphones. Big Brother It can be watched on Telefe on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and can also be watched live 24/7 on Pluto TV channel 141.


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New in development

Alfa analyzes the elimination of Thiago

After Thiago’s elimination, which most of the house didn’t expect, Alfa got together to chat with Romina, Nacho and Julieta and analyze the situation.

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“I’ve been delivered”the 60-year-old player said in reference to the way his partner behaved in recent days, and underlined the sudden way – for example – in leaving the challenge in the car.

Thiago’s reunion with his family and friends

Thiago, eliminated by Big Brother

Augustineby decision of the audience, it continues in reality.

Thiago, the new estranged from the Big Brother house. Capture phone photo

close of voting

Are Agustín or Thiago leaving?

Tomorrow we will know the contents of the suitcase

Santiago del Moro has announced that tomorrow, Monday, the suitcase he brought last week will be opened. Its content, for now, is a mystery.

Alpha: “I don’t need the string”

“I think I’m the only one here shitting on the prize. I don’t need the string. I’m here for something else, to have fun,” said Alfa, conversing with Camila.

Camila, in dialogue with Alpha. Catch TV.

So Camila celebrated when she left the plate

Thiago’s sister apologized to Daniela

Camila had called Vengañela a “Puss in Boots” after learning she had named González Catán’s young man. Now, He apologized and regretted his words.

Daniela, Agustín and La Tora, warned by Big Brother

Participants who went home in the repechage were warned by tell information “from the outside”.

Santiago del Moro announced that Camila is still in ‘Big Brother’

Now everything is defined between Augustine and Thiago.

“Thank you folks! I love you”, Camila celebrated.

Alfa feels guilty for appointing Thiago

“I threw away the vote. I didn’t want to nominate anyone, except the fat one (for Ariel). I thought you would not be nominated. And if not Maxi saved you. But she went the other way around”Alfa told Thiago, who understood and asked him not to feel guilty.

The word to the candidates

Thiago: “Okay, calm down. I’m waiting for people’s decision. I don’t feel nervous. I feel like today is not my day to go.”

Camila: “I’m nervous, but I still trust people. Camilia really misses it here.”

Augustine: “Calm down for now. Enjoying being here. Hoping to renew people’s vote of confidence.”

The Elimination Gala has begun

Agustín, Thiago or Camila… Who leaves Big Brother?

Thiago, Camila and Agustín, the candidates. Catch TV.

La Tora found a stained pillow and looked for the person responsible

Lucila found a poop-stained chair cushion and went to ask one by one. “It’s stained with shit, this is poop”he assured.

None of his colleagues took responsibility. The video went viral and speculation started on social media. Alfa hinted that it was Julieta Poggio and the hashtag “It was Juliet” has become a trend on Twitter.

Torah and stained chair cushion. Catch TV.

La Tora and Daniela’s plan to keep Thiago on Big Brother

Concerned about the young man from González Catán, a very good candidate to leave the house of GH tonight, La Tora and Daniela agreed that Thiago should talk about his financial needs at tonight’s gala.

“Did you see when we have time to talk? Santiago (Del Moro) always tells us ‘guys take advantage of this moment'”, “La Tora” pointed out to Thiago’s partner. “All of us who were sitting there all the time, no one ever said ‘I want to win the prize because I need the money'”completed Lucilla.

“Tell Nacho, let me tell him,” said Daniela, who accepted her partner’s proposal for Thiago to get more support from the public. Will he talk about it on air?

Alfa fell into the swimming pool and could be fined

A blooper played by Walter Santiago could give him a problem. It turns out that the 60-year-old participant fell into the water with the microphone on (not allowed) and could receive a penalty. Or at least that’s what they assumed inside the house.

“Alfa fell with a microphone and everything inside the pool”said Ariel, in dialogue with Nacho, Agustín, Maxi, Thiago and Marcos.

“He went down the pool ladder, slipped and fell sitting on the step. He immediately came out and burst out laughing saying “uh my mic”. Suddenly Big Brother’s voice was heard saying, “Walter! Walter! Please leave your mic in the box now,” Nacho added.

“If water got inside, it would surely break”assured Agustín, who then asked if this fact could be a reason for a sanction.

Thiago Medina recounted a strong episode experienced by his twin sister

At the candidates’ dinner, the young man from González Catán recounted what his sister Brisa suffered.

“My twin sister was dating, lost a five month pregnancy with a baby that was crazy. Three months after losing the pregnancy The boy hit my sister and they separated.”Thiago began by saying.

“I defended her, I went and hit the guy. I don’t like them raising their hand to any of my sisters,” she confessed under the watchful eye of her classmates Agustín and Camila.

Read more.

How to vote for one of the candidates?

Voting takes place in two ways: by scanning the QR on the screen ( or by SMS by sending GH to 9009.

It must be remembered that the vote is negativethat is, the public must choose who wants to leave the house, between Agustín, Thiago and Camila.

Elimination Gala today

Thiago, Camila and Agustin. Who leaves GH’s house today?

The Elimination Gala will begin at 10.15pm on Telefe.

The participants who are on the plate are: Agustín, Camila and Thiago.

It is worth mentioning that Maxi, this week’s home leader, saved Nacho from the nomination.

Source: Clarin

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