Guillermo Francella intervened after the riots at the door of the Gran Rex and explained what happened

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William Francella referring to the disturbances caused by a woman at the door of the Gran Rex theater as she drove out after the Sunday performance of Married with childrenthe work in which he stars and is a box office success.

The fact was transcended through a video posted by the official Twitter account of THEY, the program hosted by Ángel de Brito. In the images of her it was seen how a woman was approaching with great effusiveness the vehicle on which the actor was traveling while the police, with difficulty, tried to stop her.

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From that short video, which seems to have been recorded by another spectator of the work present on site, there was talk of a possible attack on Francella. That’s why the comedian, when asked clarionHe came out to clarify what happened.

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“A woman on her way out did not respect the police cordon, it was in front of the car and the police wanted to move it so that we could continue to move forward,” explained the actor, speaking with this newspaper.

And he specified: “She (for the woman) he resisted and there was an awkward moment with the police, but nothing happened to me, everything was perfect.”

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Source: Clarin

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