Rating: How the Big Brother elimination gala went

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Big Brother galas 2022/2023 usually generate expectation in the public. But especially, those of elimination, which signal that the house begins to empty facing a final with an uncertain date (for now). And, this Sunday, the reality show on Telefe, with a one-on-one definition between two strong participants, became the most watched of the day, averaging 20.9 points.

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The program had started with Camila, Agustín and Thiago on the plate and, shortly after, Santiago del Moro announced that by decision of the public the blond had been saved and could disassemble his suitcase to continue in the race.

Then, the situation faced Agustín -one of those who managed to return to the game in the playoff stage- and Thiago, who prayed (or said he prayed) to be on the plate for prove yourself in front of the public. And it was debut and farewell. This Monday night, in the debate (at 9.45pm), the boyfriend? de Daniela will share her feelings on the first day “out” with the analysts.

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The tables of each channel

With GH to the head, Sunday’s podium was everything for Telefesince it was in second place Pluto TV: spy on the house with 16.9, ahead of travel codewith 8.6 points.

As for the most watched of El Trece, mostly the film was localized Adriftwithin the cycle Film shampoo, with 5.9 points (and was the fourth most successful of the day overall). The second step of the podium of the channel went to the film Giles’ Odysseyin the context of entertainment world, with 5.6. And third, Under one roofOf film shampoo 2with 4.8.

In Elnueve drove implacablewith 1.1, followed by I live for youwith a round tip, e Argentine key, with 0.8. In America she drove GPS (with 1.3), in front of brigade awith 0.8, and repetition of The Mammons, which measured 0.6. The channel’s strategy of using the figure of Jey Mammon, who is now a strong piece of Telefe’s programming, has not borne fruit.

On the side of public television, the most watched was Country Festivalwith 1.5 points, followed by another number of the same cycle (0.8) and from Argentine chefs and cookswith 0.7.

On Net TV, the Feast of Jesus Mary took the lead with 05, ahead of Argentinian holidays with 0.4 and television editing, with 0.2. And, on Bravo TV, the can distill love scratched by 0.1 point, ahead of emissions the value of the jewelswhose averages gave a categorical 0.0.

Thus the data, relating to the general classification of the seven air channels, Telefe led by an average of 7.5 pointsahead of El Trece, with 4.6, and América, with 0.8.

The fourth step was shared by América and Elnueve, who tied at 0.7. Followed by Net TV with 0.3 and Bravo with 0.

This Monday there will be news in rating measurements, as El Trece has changed its programming to try to shorten the difference with Telefe. With which, the gala of Big Brother will no longer compete with The hotel of the famous (it happened at 18.30), but with the Turkish novel Mother’s lovewhich will start at 23:00, after the XL broadcast of The footsteps of the two million.

Source: Clarin

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