Netflix: the two seasons of Ginny and Georgia at the top of the ranking of the 10 most viewed series

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Netflix has unveiled the weekly top ten most-watched series and movies on the platform, in English and non-English, both globally and in each particular country.

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the transferor John and Georgia Continue without disappointing the producers and executives of the platform. The second season, which premiered on January 5, topped the English-speaking TV chart, with 162.72 million hours watched.

The drama about a mother and her teenage daughter starring Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry, which was in the Top 10 in 88 countries, was watched in 38 million households (343.19 million hours watched divided by 9 hours).

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The funny thing is that the new installment of this story created by Sarah Lampert fueled the first seasonwhich ranked second among the week’s most watched worldwide with 63.2 million hours.

The Merlina phenomenon and the Argentine price list

merlinthe Addams Family spin-off series which premiered in late 2021, continues to be all the rage and a fan favorite: Ranked third with 57.82 million hours watched, it remains the second most watched in history, and has been on the charts for eight consecutive weeks.

The second season of Vikings: Valhalla it returned with 55.35 million and fueled the first season, which returned to the charts with 25.5 million hours watched.

In its second week, Kaleidoscopethe action story which can be seen in different orderit got 46.57 million viewed hours and was in the top 10 in 78 countries taking viewers on an immersive journey.

In Argentina, the series roster was led by Mexico’s La Reina del Sur for the third week consecutive. They completed the podium again Ginny and Georgia and Sky Rojo’s debut third season.

Detectives cornered the top 10 movies

Returning to the world ranking, but of films, the crimes of the academy jumped to the top -of those in English- with 39.86 million hours viewed. Directed by Scott Cooper and starring Christian Bale, the 19th century crime thriller was in the Top 10 in 92 countries.

Speaking of detectives, Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) and the team continued to impress the platform’s subscribers with Glass onion: a knife-edged mysterywhich in its fourth week gained an additional 19.48 million viewed hours and finished third.

The crime novel moved into fourth place on the all-time most popular list with 273.20 million hours watched in total. Since its release, 118 million households have watched the film (273.20 hours watched divided by 2.3 hours).

This week, he was only surpassed by the rookie The traveler with the ax backpack, the true story of the homeless man who went from internet stardom to arrest for murder. The documentary was second on the list with 21.27 million hours viewed.

In sixth place, Matilda: The Musical by Roald Dahl it stayed on the chart for a third week. and family drama Lost doganother of the week’s previews, it finished in fourth place with 18.88 million.

In the list of non-English speaking films, the Mexican drama Noise debuted with 7.18 million hours watched, while the Polish drama how i became a gangsterthe Colombian drama The kings of the worldthe Norwegian action-adventure film trollGerman drama No news at the front and the action-adventure film from India, RRR (Hindi)They returned the list.

Queen of the South has hosted non-English speaking series

Finally, the list of non-English spoken series is led by Mexican drama The Queen of the Southwhose third season had 51.93 million hours watched after three weeks of availability.

South Korean stories continue to capture the attention of Netflix users -This Tuesday announced the arrival of 34 productions from that country for this year-, for a reason the revenge drama The glory (second), the dating competition reality show heaven for two (fifth) and drama alchemy of souls (seventh) they maintained their position on the list.

Also, the second season of the Japanese drama Alice in the Borderland it remained in the rankings for the fourth consecutive week: this week it was in fourth place with 23.3 million hours watched.

One that premiered its third season, but wasn’t as successful as the first two, was sky red. The Spanish series from the creators of La casa de papel and starring Lali Esposito in eighth place in the standingswith 13.59 million hours of playback,

Source: Clarin

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