Promoted by Big Brother (who would save Marcos?), Telefe won the fight for the rating

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This Thursday (January 19), Telefe once again measured the highest viewing figures, driven basically by the phenomenon Big Brotherit’s known.

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Between the parent program, with a new gala of nominations, its satellites and the good performance of its newscasts. Telefé got the five most watched programs of the day.

The curiosity of the evening, of course, was knowing who would save Marcos to prevent him from leaving La Casa. So it’s not surprising that Big Brother has been transformed into the most watched of the day, with 21.9 evaluation points.

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they followed him to the top Pluto TV presents: We spy on the house (16.2), news staff (10.5), TV news (10.2) Y Pluto TV Presents: We Spy on the House (afternoon) (10).

Ariel, Maxi, Nacho or Agustin?

The four were on the plate, but Marcos had the option of saving one to not pack to watchthat fateful moment for the indoor of the most media house on the planet.

The time has come when the 11 participants had to vote live and live. Increasingly close to the definition, right now a word is starting to gain more prominence in the doyen of reality shows; the word is strategy…

channel by channel

Returning to the rating data, here’s what the ranking looked like with the averages generated by each of the channels:

1) Telephone (11.3)

2) The thirteen (4.4)

3) The nine (2.1)

4) America (1.7)

5) Public TV (0.6)

6) NetTV (0.2)

7) BravoTV (0.1)

Ariel, nominated again

Once in the confessional, Ariel explained that with her votes she tried to get changes in the license plate. But he failed and was nominated again.

A) Yes, received 12 votes, Maxi 8, Nacho 4, Agustín 3, Daniela 2 and Lucila, Julieta and Romina 1. In this way, according to the regulations, the four participants with the most votes are candidates to leave the program after the public vote.

One had to be saved, therefore, and Marcos decided to save Agustín.

New in development

Source: Clarin

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