Scandalous quarrel between Martina and Juan of “Big Brother” over an alleged scam in Uruguay

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Martina Stewart-Usher Y Juan Reverditotwo of the first contestants to be eliminated by Big Brother, They went to Uruguay to fulfill some work commitments and, apparently, scandal broke out between them.

In the Barbarossa (Telefe, Monday to Friday at 9.30), the former player He recounted the controversy and told what happened to the taxi driver.

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“What happened in Uruguay?”asked Gastón Trezeguet, speaker of the cycle he leads Georgina Barbarossa.

“We went with Juan and the same person took us. Came out to say he was robbed. But it was a lie, I come to deny it“, began by saying the former participant of the reality show.

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And then he explained the situation: “The thing was like this: if you don’t even take 10 dollars to buy a juice and you stay there a week, do you think they scammed you? You can’t go out and say they scammed you when they financed you for anything, even a smoothie they bought on the beach.”

“It depends on the previous agreement, what did they agree on before?” asked Noe Antonelli, another of Telefe’s speakers.

“We went to a celebrity dinner and a person from here told us to go. It’s for charity, but there were already people who wanted to get paid. We also had clubbing attendance that weekend and Juan, since they weren’t taking him in the car by himself, said he wasn’t going,” he explained.

And he specified: “We were going by van from Punta del Este (where the celebrity dinner was) to Montevideo, all together. That was not paid and that’s why I didn’t want to go, but for me it works. So, I paid for the ticket and went alone.”

When asked if she had argued with the taxi driver, Martina highlighted: “He has bad manners. She has attitudes like a star, but who are you? Outside the house he was not the person I met inside. What you saw of him in the house, I saw outside.”

“As agreed, they have not violated anything. He was mean to the channels there because it wasn’t going anywhere”, the physical education teacher clarified again. And convicted: “They didn’t scam me, I didn’t want to get stuck in this matter”

“At one point I was eating in a hostel and he ate my coconut so much that I said ‘sorry, but I’m going home’. Do you know what it’s like to eat and after deleting all your messages? It’s unbearable. I returned on a Thursday and fulfilled all commitments. He was very mean to the people there and to the person who brought us to Uruguay“, he insisted again.

Juan Reverdito’s response to Martina’s words

After Martina Usher recounted the controversies she experienced with her ex-partner in Uruguay, Lío Pecoraro, speaker of the cycle conducted by Georgina Barbarossa, told live that she received a message from Reverdito asking her for the right to reply.

“Juan wrote to me, all by himself,” warned the reporter. “Hi Lío, tell him to stop lying. Tell him the truth and stop making me look bad. If he wants a camera, Martina, find another person to attack. What he’s saying is all a lie. I have proof and audio everything”. was the taxi driver’s message.


Source: Clarin

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