Cinthia Fernández slammed Maru Botana for saying her daughter works as a housekeeper in Hawaii

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Cinzia Fernandez he was very critical Maru Snackswho said her daughter Lucía Solá, 21, works as a housekeeper in Hawaii, US, and earns $40 an hour.

In the us in the morning (El Trece, from Monday to Friday at 9.30) debated the statements that the chef made in a note to Radio Rivadavia and the speaker was energetic according to her.

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Referring to the criticisms that Maru has received on the networks, Cinthia began: “I don’t know if people still get angry about anti-country, it seems to me that the part they like best is that reality is shown. a reality we all experience, I don’t know if they hit him that much because of it. It seems to me a derogatory connotation, I’m a liberal mother and for this reason I let her work and she makes the clarification of a domestic worker. I miss the girl who works in my house and I run between walls. I didn’t like that connotation.”

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“In the note she said, to the astonishment of the drivers, because she worked as a domestic worker. What’s wrong with that? Seeing that reaction, she said “I’m a very liberal mom,” as if to say why I’m liberal, for leaving her.”Cinthia reiterated, clarifying her position.

“He said it cool, ‘I’m a liberal. We all know that he has a good economic past, so this is how he wanted to install the contrasts of social classes ”, continued the ex of Matías Defederico.

She added: “I took it like that and I think everyone is killing her for that. I seem to be cool, why? It’s derogatory”.

Joaquín El Pollo Álvarez, director of the cycle, clarified Cinthia’s sayings: “The anger is with Maru, not the daughter.”

The sayings of Maru Botana

“It’s installed and very happy working as a maid, watching the beach…it’s a way to become independent and you earn 40 dollars an hour”assured Maru, in dialogue with the cycle Si Pasa, Pasa of Radio Rivadavia, on the present of his daughter Lucía in Hawaii.

“Last year she went with a couple of friends, she liked life there and now she’s settled down. We’ve been to Hawaii several years and it’s a place I really like. The place fascinated us”Added Maru, who called her daughter “a cape and super creative.”

The young woman is in the islands of the United States for an exchange program for four months, then -according to her mother- she intends to return to Argentina to continue her studies in Graphic Design.

“I have always wanted in my life to raise strong, independent and happy children. It’s what I want. Agustín, for example, was also on exchange in Belgium during the pandemic. And I told him ‘don’t come back, I’ve been through this situation’. They are experiences and you have to live life. I experienced them so much as a child that it also amuses me that they grow up and have experiences. It amuses me that my children help me and that I can live my life with them. I’m not afraid of them growing up”Mark pointed out.


Source: Clarin

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