Maxi’s sex marathon with Juliana never aired on ‘Big Brother’

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A little less than a month after his definitive departure from the house of Big Brotherfrom which she was expelled, Juliana revealed a situation she experienced with Maxi in reality and which until now had not come to light.

The former participant spoke with The Ulises Jaitt Showthe cycle conducted by Natacha Jaitt’s brother on Radio XLFM (Monday to Friday, 13:00 to 15:00), and in addition to talking about the experience lived in GH, The brunette admitted that on her return she had a sexual marathon with the Cordovan that the production has chosen not to show.

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When asked what her private record was, Juliana pointed it out when she returned Big Brother it came close to surpassing its “all weekend” mark.

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“We put it firmly. I’m fiery. When I came home, every day: wake up, noon, late at night, a lot‘ said the young woman who was nicknamed Tini due to her resemblance to the singer.

And then he added about that reunion with Maxi, the last eliminated from the reality show: “The most bizarre thing is that they focused on everything he talked about (She was expelled for telling things from the outside) e no one noticed that we walked like rabbits. On Instagram they told me “you couldn’t be with the bald, you idiot” and I said “if they knew…”

After the departure of the Cordovan, eliminated this Sunday, both will be able to enjoy the tranquility of privacy, something they have not experienced as a couple so far. This is why he is already enthusiastic about it: «So many things and to do in so many places. I look forward to doing lots of fun things with Maxi. He’s very sexually interesting.”

Plus, Juliana even gave her partner a score: “A 15,” she said. And he added: “All the same, he can’t do everything right. We don’t give him such a good score, otherwise the girls will want to steal it from me. He re-approved the topic. He is the candidate to get married, live together, there is a beautiful union Do something on a beach. He’s a worker. Sexual chemistry is key. We both combine.”

Finally, when asked if celebrities would be allowed in, the former participant was adamant: “No. We are old-fashioned. Even if Ursula Corberó or Ester Expósito came and wanted to be with black, I would push it, I’d kick, I’d get jealous because I can’t participate. I’d like to go.”

Juliana pointed out the attendees of “Big Brother” with whom she would not meet to eat

Juliana it didn’t go well Big Brother when she was sent off for revealing things from the outside when she had to return by vote of the players who were still inside at the time.

However, Tini has built a good relationship with some of her co-stars, although she has no intention of maintaining a relationship with the others when the reality show ends.

In this sense, he clarified with whom he would not meet or eat or drink anything: “I think there are people who have been excessive with the things they told me, very nasty, ‘psychiatric’, ‘sick’, very delicate things. Alfa, Thiago and Romi would not be people I would sit at the table today. I prefer to share my energy and good vibes.”

When asked who was her worst partner, Juliana replied: “I don’t know if it’s worse, but the one that’s hard to live with is Walter. Not because I had crosses, I coped relatively well, but He’s very intense, he yells a lot, he’s a very confrontational guy, always complains about everything. It was hard having to live with someone like that, because my energy was totally dense.”


Source: Clarin

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