Gina Lollobrigida left half of her inheritance to her young assistant, accused by the family of having squandered his fortune

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The famous Italian actress Gina Lollobrigidadied January 16 at age 95, is gone half of his inheritance to the young assistant with whom he spent the last years of his life, Andrew Piazzollaaccused by her family of having plundered her.

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“I will not receive a single cent because I want my share to be available for your true wishes, I will allocate it to the fund” which Lollobrigida has set up to commemorate his artistic life, Piazzolla confirmed today in the “La vita in directta” program on the channel public RAI.

The will of the myth of Italian cinema was opened this morning by a notary in Rome and half of its assets went to Piazzolla, 35, and the other to his son Andrea Milko Skoficfruit of her marriage to the Slovenian doctor Milko Skofic.

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His legacy includes a villa on the exclusive Via Appia from the Italian capital, where he lived as well jewellery, works of art and a collection of one hundred Etruscan amphorae which he donated to the Italian state, according to local media reports.

However, the cast once again faced Lollobrigida’s family, her son and grandson, Dimitri, as well as her ex-husband, Spanish entrepreneur Javier Rigau, with the young assistant.

Relatives denounced him before the Court of Rome for having “isolated” the actress, recently taking advantage of her presumed precarious mental state, and the squander his fortunecreated after his long artistic career.

So much so that they managed to appoint a judge a guardian to look after your assets Despite the fierce opposition of the diva, who always claimed to be perfectly aware of everything and defended her assistant, whom she publicly considered a “godson”.

Piazzolla has lived with her since she entered his service in 2015 and has helped her in everyday life, also satisfying her wishes, such as when at Christmas 2018 he filled her garden with artificial snow and paraded Santa Christmas to bring her presents.

The will was drawn up on 5 January 2017 in front of two witnesses and also includes a company with its works of art which will also be owned by Andrea Piazzolla and the entrepreneur Horacio Pagani, with the task of “divulging” his artistic activity.

Rigau, present at the funeral with Lollobrigida’s son and nephew, no longer had any legal relationship with the actress after the Vatican Sacra Rota Tribunal in 2019 declared the marriage “by proxy” that united them in 2010 null and void.

Piazzolla assured that from now on his goal will be to “defend” the memory of the actress and attacked her family, expressing her suspicions that they do not regret her death.

“They didn’t care about the real needs of a woman that age. They said I was feeding her junk but they never came home with a pack of spaghetti,” she said.

He also criticized Rigau, claiming that his marriage to the actress “is void”, and stated that he also did not want to leave any legacy to his son.

“Since Gina’s will was very clear, that is, she didn’t want to leave anything to her son, I ask her to respect the mother’s will and put half of it in the fund”, contested by the public channel.

With information from EFE

Source: Clarin

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