Wanda Nara denied that Mauro Icardi had asked her for custody of her daughters and praised him as a father

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In the last few hours, the version that has begun to circulate Mauro Icardi I would ask Wanda Nara custody of their two daughters, Isabella and Francesca. To eradicate the rumors, The media came out to clarify and it was forceful.

In the program in the afternoon (America, Monday to Friday at 3.45pm) They said the Turkish footballer from Galatasaray had filed for custody of the minors, who are currently in Argentina with their mother and brothers.

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“It would be a decision he took in the last few hours with his lawyers in Italy, where the couple built their fortune”., explained the journalist Diego Esteves. And he added: “Icardi does not want his daughters to settle in Argentina, and at least he will go for co-ownership in equal parts.”

As he said, the conflict began when Wanda allegedly told his ex about his decision to stay and live in Argentina, where he has several work projects. “You bet on the culture of work. She doesn’t want to be a botinera accused of being a hustler”added cycle speaker Karina Mazzocco on Wanda’s plans, which is one of the options Telefe is considering to lead the new version of Master Chef.

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It is worth noting that a few days ago Francesca turned eight and her mother organized a mega-party for her in the village of Santa Bárbara, where they currently reside. Icardi, in Turkey, was unable to be close to his daughter at that moment and sent her a moved message via Instagram.

“Happy birthday, my princess. It’s been 8 years since your arrival in this world and I have no words to describe how much I love you, that unconditional love, that love that you gave me since I was a little girl where the only word in your vocabulary and dad was in your world. Today you have become a lady but there are things that will never change and your Papito, Papurri or one of the thousand ways you call me will always be there for you. I am proud of you my love . I wish you the best day in your day and may life continue to fill you with good times. I love you Mini Yo” said the footballer.

Wanda Nara’s clarification

On her Instagram account, where she has more than 15 million followers, Wanda answered various questions and was energetic when asked about this version that Icardi would seek custody of her daughters.

“Is it true what they say about Icardi, who wants to take fashion away from girls?” asked a follower. And the media was strong: “It’s a lie”.

Then they asked him: “Don’t the girls miss their father? Do the boys miss Icardi? He looks like a super dad to me.” Thus, Wanda praised Icardi in the role of his father: “Yes, that’s the best. As soon as I have a few free days, I’ll accompany them.”

“Even if they don’t see it every morning, I record. They will see,” added Wanda, clarifying that her stay in Argentina is due to a work commitment.

Far from parting with the attacker del Rosario, Wanda answered a striking question from a follower. “Love of my life. My dream is to smoke a joint with you, haha,” she wrote him. And she replied: “Dream impossible to achieve. I have never smoked, nor have I consumed or would consume any type of drug”, said Wanda, who, speaking of her sentimental gift, said “I’m fine”.


Source: Clarin

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