Michael Bublé showed in a video how he incorporated Argentinean customs into his life

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In the last few hours, a publication by Michael Bubble on TikTok it went viral: it’s the one where he shows what his day is like in Argentina.

Since his wife, Luisana Lopilato, is in the middle of the season presenting the return of “Married with Children” in its stage version, the Canadian singer traveled to the country with his four children to accompany the actress.

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Michael Bublé’s stay in Buenos Aires, who has supported Luisana since the day of the play’s premiere, is about to end. But before starting his 2023 world tour, which will start on January 27 in Lisbon, Portugal and continue for several months in different parts of Europe, the musician showed his followers the Argentine traditions and what his days are like in Argentina.

Through a TikTok video, Michael revealed what costumes he adopted and, logically. He started the publication drinking mate, the typical Argentine infusion of which he claims to be a great lover. In fact, this is what he usually demonstrates in many of his family publications where he has been seen preparing the drink, thermos in hand.

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Additionally, Bublé showed that when his wife isn’t working in theater or in her maternal role, she usually goes shopping. And taking advantage of his walk through Buenos Aires, where the singer was also accompanied by two of his sisters, who had arrived from Canada, he went shopping with them.

But, of course, it was the women who bought it and he, very amusingly, showed in the video that his role in the visit to the mall was to hold the bags that contained the clothes bought by both his wife and his sisters. .

On the other hand, Bublé could not leave out one of the most important traditions for the average Argentine: the barbecue. In fact, he didn’t shrink when he was placed in front of a grill and chosen as the steak house for a family reunion. The truth is that he showed his hand and delighted many of his guests with delicious cuts of meat, offal and even left room for vegetables to give an option to the vegans in the family.

To conclude his release, the prestigious singer showed himself on top of a mechanical bull and chose “Muchachos” as the song to set the music for the video. “Riding a bull why…why not? Let’s go Argentina!” wrote Bublé, to accompany the image in which he ends up falling to the ground.

Luisana Lopilato and Michael Bublé’s “low cost” appointment in a pizzeria in Buenos Aires

10 days ago, Luisana Lopilato told her followers on Instagram that after a show “Married with children”, she took advantage of a moment alone with her husband, Michael Bublé, to get a date. And the thing that strikes her about her is that they improvised her the moment they were leaving the theater, on Avenida Corrientes, in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires.

“I finished the work very late and by accident we found an open pizzeria with Mike and we came to eat together, alone. The date (“the appointment”). Romantic king, right? “, shared the actress. And she took the opportunity to promote the work:“ I send you a kiss. Come and see Married with children, I have already said it many times, thank you for all the love you are giving us ”.

For her part, Bublé decided to share images from the same date and acknowledged that her “favorite moment” was when Luisana took a skateboard to leave the venue, but ended up colliding with a garbage can, generating a blooper which was featured in an Instagram story. .


Source: Clarin

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