Home Entertainment Jair Bolsonaro’s son criticized Flavio Mendoza for a photo with his son: ‘The decline of the West’

Jair Bolsonaro’s son criticized Flavio Mendoza for a photo with his son: ‘The decline of the West’

Jair Bolsonaro’s son criticized Flavio Mendoza for a photo with his son: ‘The decline of the West’

Flavio Mendozza She got involved in a controversy, received strong criticism and even shut down her Instagram account due to an image that went viral on social media, in which he appears with his four-year-old son Dionisio on stage at one of his Stravaganza shows.

It all started when the conversational politician and American activist Charlie Kirk shared on his networks the capture of the video in which Flavio hands the microphone to his son to be able to say a few words at the end of the show.

“File this under things that make you support capital punishment”it was Kirk’s reprehensible message that he shared with the image, without any context.

However, he later clarified: “I’ve seen the full video. The photo is of an Argentine gay couple (artists) and their son, and it appears to be a bad angle. The boy was nervous speaking in front of a crowd and would not let go of the man’s leg, so the mic was brought down in the boy’s face.”

Despite the clarification, The photo went viral and Flavio continued to receive strong questions.

One of them was from Eduardo Bolsonaro himself, son of the former president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro. “In one image, the summary of the decline of the West,” said the current federal deputy for the state of São Paulo on Twitter.

And then, totally confused as to the source of the image, he threw: “It’s increasingly common in the United States for kids to participate in a drag show like this.”

The unloading of Flavio Mendoza

For this Flavio had his Instagram account blocked. Then, he came out to clarify on Twitter about him. “Someone maliciously uploaded a photo of me and my son from a horrible angle and they blocked my Instagram. Please report any photos or people behind this, thank you,” he said, outraged at all that has transpired.

“Someone maliciously uploaded a picture of me and my son from a totally out of context angle and closed my Instagram, messing with a little boy and my picture. Does being happy bother you that much? Does it bother you that he’s a gay man who managed to become a father and have a successful career? It seems it is. Well, another fight they won’t win for me,” the Stravaganza creator added in his defense.

In the intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 13:30), Mendoza assured: “Everything that happened is crazy. It is a capture of the video where Dionisio goes up to the end and sings ‘Come on, come on Argentina’. You feel sorry for the quarrel we have We all had to be a father and have a career…”, said the choreographer, who has assured that he will initiate legal action and for this he has hired Fernando Burlando.

“Someone from the United States and Brazil criticized me… All very strange. He is a decadent. He must investigate, in what context is this photo”, added Flavio, against Bolsonaro. And he pointed out: “Here there is homophobia, discrimination, also violation of the rights of the child. This image is doing a lot of damage.”


Source: Clarin


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