Icardi was furious with the Spanish journalist who said Wanda Nara had been unfaithful to him with another footballer

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Mauro Icardi attacked the Spanish journalist jordi martinwhich he said in intruders (America, 13.30) with which Wanda Nara would have been unfaithful Keita Baldé Diaowho was his teammate at Inter.

Famous for following Shakira’s life step by step, Jordi Martín said in a video call interview on Intruders: “Last night there was a tremendous discussion between Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara. According to what your direct environment told me, you ran away to Dubai with a footballer, Icardi’s former teammate, Keita Baldé.

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While the Spaniard was saying all this, Guido Záffora, one of the speakers of the cycle hosted by Flor de la Ve, interrupted him to let him know that he had received a message from Icardi’s entourage. Cell phone in hand, Záffora read: “Who is that clown who came out to talk nonsense in your program, everyone is sending videos of what he said”.

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“17 years of profession confirm me with an indisputable career,” retorted Jordi Martín, journalist and paparazzi. And they assured me of two sexual encounters, the one in Milan and the one in Dubai. The one in Milan is what Icardi discovered on the (security) cameras.

Záffora warned him: “Icardi’s entourage is very angry with this version and they deny it.” What has emerged is that not only the environment has denied it, but also Icardi himself, who exploded, furious, on Instagram, where a tough confrontation had begun.

Icardi assures that he has the messages that Keita Baldé sent to Wanda

Faced with the threat from the Spaniard that he would provide details of everything he had talked about with Keita Baldé himself and his wife Simona Guatieri, and that with his “evidence” Icardi would have “no escape”, the player came out with the pointed caps.

“I’ll save you tomorrow’s chimento so you have time for something else… -Icardi attacked from his stories on Instagram-. I only warned a poor cuckold aware that her husband won’t stop writing to my wife (we are not divorced) Some time ago“.

In that same story, Icardi added: “I also have the messages, photos and everything he sent you through private Instagram messages, because my wife sent them to me (Obviously I won’t publish them) I will only publish my contact from last night with this girl, and clarify that I have not argued with Wanda because we were up at 6am in Turkey talking on video call arranging the return of our children”.

And in reference to the words of Jordi Martin in intruders On the fact that Icardi would have discovered Wanda’s alleged betrayal not only due to the security cameras but also due to the movements of the credit card, Icardi fired: “I also go to clarify that Wanda doesn’t use my card at all because she has I took yours from an account we have in Argentina.”

Furthermore, Mauro stated: “As third and last, from my environment, rest very calm that no one will ever contact you. And if it happens, I authorize you to post proof, but that is a little better than that you have to treat me like a liar and all that you take for granted?

Subsequently, Mauro posted a screenshot of his contact with Keita Baldé’s wife in his stories. In Italian, he wrote to Simona Guatieri warning her of her husband’s attitude towards Wanda and telling her that he saddened him to see her like this and that he spoke to her from her heart.

And to Jordi Martin, next to that capture, Icardi put: “Here I’ll leave it to you, champion. The whistleblower thing on gossip shows is painful for you. Better to devote yourself to your work, which is taking pictures, paparachi (sic)”.

Very spicy, Mauro Icardi points out to the Spaniard: “How can I not tell your wife that her husband is writing to my wife that he would also leave his family for her (I have the messages) I remember”.


Source: Clarin

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