In Extreme Alert Gerard Butler is already related to Liam Neeson

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Gerard Butler unrelated to Liam Neeson, but they could very well be part of the same film corporation: heroes even against their will. When they play those characters who, without any consideration or concern for their lives, fight hand to hand, or with clean blows, against bad, very bad people. In the extreme alertButler is also hard to kill.

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Regardless of understanding why or not airplane (Airplane) in Latin America was translated as extreme alertthe plot has a commercial airplane pilot, in not a low-cost airline, but almost, who when he has to take off and a storm is coming on the way he is not allowed to avoid it, because he would spend too much fuel for so few passengers.

Brodie Torrance – yes, he has the same last name as Jack Nicholson’s character in The glow– He is one of those friendly flight commanders, who even allows himself to play jokes with passengers in uncomfortable situations. Like, for example, when lightning strikes an airplane and it has to try to land blindly, without the aid of any mechanism, wherever it is. The sea?

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Emergency landing

All is not catastrophic and Torrance and his co-driver Dele (Yoson An, who was in the mulan with actors), who is the father of the family like him, and who has that typical photo with the family in his pocket, and albeit with risks, they manage to land. But they do it on an island in the Philippines where the ruling rebels have an inexhaustible source of resources: to ask foreigners for hundreds of thousands of dollars in ransom.

Ah, what we didn’t count is that among the passengers there is a prisoner, who is being brought for extradition, handcuffed. Before landing, whoever guarded him dies, and we will see if Louis Gaspare (Mike Colter, from the horror series Bad) is violent, dangerous, or may even be of assistance to Torrance, when they fall into rebel hands.

extreme alert It’s not an original film anywhere you look at it from (the dialogues are, maybe, maybe, in one of those, the weakest part of the script). A script that has a bit of disaster cinema, another of rebellious terrorists, and something of the pair that must be forcibly formed in order to be victorious, or at least not die trying.

The action is fast-paced, the melee combat is precisely choreographed. The French director Jean-François Richet does not go crazy when it comes to sitting down to edit the film, and does not resort to strange cuts to accelerate the vertigo of the fights, which are generally shot with a handheld camera and in the same take almost no cuts .

Well, it’s a way to cut costs, as well as shooting not in the Philippines, but entirely in Puerto Rico.

But what makes the film keep what it promises, leaving absolutely nothing, is the charisma with which -always- the actor in 300 go wild with his characters. We believe him, we don’t want him to suffer or die. Think of how many action actors have the same thing happen to them, do the math, and then tell me.

“Extreme Alert”


Action. UK/US, 2023. Original title: “Plan”. 108′, SAM 13 R. Of: Jean-Francois Richet. With: Gerard Butler, Mike Colter, Tony Goldwyn, Daniella Pineda, Yoson An. Rooms: Cinépolis Recoleta and Hussey, Cinemark Palermo and Caballito, Showcase Belgrano and Quilmes.

Source: Clarin

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