Home Entertainment Mario Vargas Llosa is the “helper” needed to get intimate with Isabel Preysler

Mario Vargas Llosa is the “helper” needed to get intimate with Isabel Preysler

Mario Vargas Llosa is the “helper” needed to get intimate with Isabel Preysler

The fiction edited by Mario Vargas Llosa days ago, whose title is The windYes, it leaves more cloth to cut than a court file. And keep on talking. Due to the literary and autobiographical features of the author of Aunt Julia and the writer, It is possible that it is a text that gives clues as to what his sexual relationship with Isabel Preysler was.

A story in which the protagonist talks about his privacy in the last decade. If we come to an interpretation made in selfie, Vargas Llosa does nothing but tell us the background of his sexuality with Isabel. In these lines there is something more than clear: the protagonist needed a “chemical help” to consume himself.

If the protagonist in question was 25 years old, this is likely to be news. But if it’s this (much) older man who is Vargas Llosa (he’ll be 87), probably the news would be the opposite.

The separation of Mario and Isabel made it time to re-read the work of the Nobel Prize. Literature specialists, with a capital letter, understand that Vargas Llosa’s literature is “fundamentally” autobiographical.

Since this separation, the writer is in the process of being reprinted more effusively than when it won the biggest prize of its kind. Curiosity mixed by chance, the truth is that now the table has served to review the sexual aspects of the intimacy of the premium couple.

In this story, The windsthe author alludes to “la pichula” and the serious hardships of consummating relationships with his co-protagonist, the “Queen of Hearts”.

“It was a crush on the pichula, not the heart. Of that pichula that is no longer of any use to me, except to pee. Why do I keep saying ‘pichula’, something nobody in Spain says?”, write the Nobel without any shame.

Virility compromised in old age is a more recurring theme than the idea of ​​overturning prejudices about sexuality in the last years of life. There is no author’s confession. There is reality and biology.

Mario -if it’s him, of course- exposes himself critically, insinuating that his virile member is little more than an organ that serves to evacuate liquids.

And what does it say about her? That alleged Isabel Preysler’s chances of dealing with sexuality weren’t any better. Technical draw.

“Nor would we have ever imagined that it was so common for people to live a hundred years, yet, there are a good number of bipeds to show that it was not unattainable. And, above all, that men and women could last as long as they could keep their lucidity and enjoy life, including sex».

“I’m not speaking for myself, of course, but many people who must be around my age still enjoy making love, even if I’m not a part of it. (The last time I made love unaided chemists was about ten years ago, years, I think, or so, it seems to me)”, expands the Nobel, making his own clear 86 years old.

In other literatures of the author there was a sexuality that was more organic than chemical: for example, I do not need Help with Giulia Urquidi: he was a 19-year-old teenager and she, the writer’s political aunt, was a 30-year-old girl. They later got married. But that’s another story.

Last December, the Peruvian writer and the Spanish Isabel Preysler ended their romantic relationship “permanently” after eight years of bonding.

To find out more, she shows in her CV that she is the queen of glossy paper (as they call gossip in Spain), the scepter she has held in her hand from the moment when she married a certain Julio Iglesias.

Source: Clarin


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