How is Division Palermo, the new Netflix series that will have an inclusive urban guard

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After a very positive 2022 for Netflix original Argentine productions, with Salutations, Tube Y matrimillas getting great viewing numbers worldwide, its first national series of 2023 comes to the mother of platforms.

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It concerns Palermo division, which opens on February 17. The new comedy made in our country was written, co-directed and starring Santiago Korovskythe actor that everyone knew for his brilliant supporting roles in almost happy It’s inside The kingdomboth series of the same service of stream.

the fiction of eight episodes features a cast with several strong names accompanying Korovsky: Pilar Gamboa (30 nights with my ex), Daniel Hendler (Family Law, Little Victoria), Martin Garabal (Famous) Y charo lopez (cualca).

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The plot features an inclusive city guard, composed mostly of minorities and created as a marketing operation to improve the image of the security forces.

While everyone tries to understand what function it performs, its members will end up facing a strange criminal gang.

The Series intended to mock and parody certain premises of political correctness and inclusion – very typical of these times – which end up revealing themselves more as a question of marketing than as a real policy of visibility.

Santiago Korovsky is also co-director of the series -together with Diego Núñez Irigoyen- and has co-written the screenplays with Ignacio Sánchez Mestre, Florencia Percia, Martín Garabal, Martina López Robol, Mariana Wainstein and Ignacio Gaggero.

The aforementioned main cast is joined by a large cast, composed of Hernán Cuevas, Renato Condori Sangalli, Facundo Bogarin, Valeria Licciardi, Julio Marticorena, Jonatan Nugnes, Marcelo Subiotto, Sergio Prina, Agustín Rittano, Nilda Sindaco, Carlos Belloso, Iair Said and Alan Sabbaghamong others.

Who is the creator of División Palermo

At 37, Santiago Korovsky has taken the streaming world by storm and social networks. In the last note with clarionhe said he grew up enjoying the works of Hugo Midón, but that he never imagined that his future would be linked to acting.

He took it after he did a payamédico course at the Faculty of Medicine to have fun with your friends. “I found a world that came out of the solemnity of what I thought theater was,” she said.

at 10 pm, he decided to do theater as an alternative activity to basketball and university career, Communication Sciences. Like many actors of this generation, Korovsky became known through the networks -has 105,000 followers-: He has recorded several videos that have gone viral based on his creative scripts.

After working on the series Free timeby Martín Piroyansky, was in uncoded danger and, among many projects, Sebastián Wainraich called him to work almost happythe Netflix series that made a splash during the quarantine.

Now, try on the dress multitasking Of acting, writing and directing a series on the platform with the highest number of subscribers. “Has been a long time I’m doing a series with a million friends and amazing people who have funded me since the beginning,” he posted a few days ago on his Instagram along with the trailer for Palermo division.

“Writing, directing and acting was crazy, but I was surrounded by the best writers, a fantastic co-director, actors who can’t believe it, and producers and crew who were more patient than they should have been,” added Korovsky.

Source: Clarin

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