Marina Calabró has dismissed the series of Ricardo Fort: “It’s a widget”

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The documentary series about Ricardo Forte, called Commander Fort, and there is already controversy. One of the most critical of the production attended by the children of the late media player was made by Marina Calabrowho defined it as “a contraption”.

Calabró, who worked alongside Fort and also maintained a friendly relationship with him, participated giving his testimony in the series directed by Patricio Álvarez Casado which chronicles the rise and fall of the businessman and singer.

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In an audio that I send to the program in the afternoon (America, Mon-Fri 3:45pm), the speaker complained: “Everything was messy. They kind of wasted my time… Hours and hours of telephone conversations about Ricardo, his life, my relationship with him… I can’t explain, when I say hours, I mean hours.”

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“What I always understood is that it would be a kind of docu reality, that there would be material from him, that this material I suppose there will be, these hours that he recorded and that it is unreleased material and that it would be interspersed with interviews to people, shall we say, ‘relevant in your life,'” Marina said of her expectations, which weren’t met.

And Calabró added: “The truth is that the only thing I ended up doing is a half-clown thing, on the red carpet, nonsense. Then they sent me a document asking permission to use two of my sentences, one more stupid than the other”.he stressed, complaining about his very short participation in the series.

“No one has ever called me, the interview has never been done, I don’t understand the project, I don’t understand if it is acted, if there is a Ricardo Fort, if the children sing, dance, The truth is that I do not understand it and I think I was wrong to participate. But the management, recontra sloppy. For people who, moreover, borrowed for free. A trash. All in all, rubbish.”he continued, directly pointing to the production of the series.

For his part, the journalist Matías Vázquez, who spoke with Calabró, expressed the speaker’s indignation a little more: “On the one hand, we all know that Ricardo Fort was a millionaire. What is supposed? That he will be a millionaire blockbuster, but no, it was a two-peso production. Until he sued Marina, his anger was: “Do I provide my information, everything I experienced with Ricardo Fort, will I get an acknowledgment, something symbolic?’ Even the coffee had to be paid for. Marina felt used, diminished. She was his companion figure on the Fort Night Show.”

The mistake that Ángel de Brito made in the Ricardo Fort series

On his Twitter account, the driver of THEY (America, Mon-Fri 8 p.m.) scored an error in the series Strong Commander.

De Brito took a picture of the screen where Fort is seen playing the piano and in the subtitles he expresses: “He Turned Those Boys Into Ford Men”referring to the group of young people who have always accompanied the media.

“The ‘FORD MEN’ included in the same series FORT. FORT CON T. #bastachicos”, The driver pointed out, noting the mistake.


Source: Clarin

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