Atlanta Rhythm Section frontman Dean Daughtry dies

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Dean ox Daughtry, keyboardist, songwriter and co-founder of the Atlanta Rhythm Section, has died at the age of 76. ARS songs are that perfect mix of blues, soul and gospel that focuses more on feel-good style than on Skynyrd or Molly accepts who solidified their style with sharp guitar riffs.

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Back Up Against the Wall, third annual Pipedream Y Dog days They are his albums where already with wet feet he reached his rhythm. The rhythm section in Atlanta was kind soft rock sheep in wolf clothes of southern rock.

Dean Daughtry, also a member of The Candymen, of which they have become a touring band Roy Orbison.

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After a brief stop at The Classics IV, he decided to form his own band in early 1970 together with three former members of the Candymen (Rodney Justo, replaced by Ronnie Hammond after the first album, Dean Daughtry and Robert Nix) and Classics IV (Daughtry and James B. Cobb, Jr.) became the session band at the newly opened Studio One recording studio in Doraville, Georgia near Atlanta.

They would be called ARS or what is the Atlanta Rhythm Section itself, one of the best and most stylish Southern rock bands of all time.

Duane Allman He stated that rock was born in the South, so saying “southern rock” is like saying “rock rock”. Any insider should start if they like the genre start with the Atlanta Rhythm Section, where their first albums are true works of art.

That star began to fade as tastes drifted away from Southern music. There have been some line-up changes, good albums and some irregular ones.

Bad luck

The band had no luck with record labels. They have recorded a dozen albums with their original lineup, being in 1977, So inside you the band’s first chart-topping single, reaching the Top 10 from the North American charts and the album it came from, A rock’n’roll alternativeit became a gold record.

His next platinum album, Sparkling wine jamalso made the Top 10 in 1978. Nix left after that, and ended up joining the band Roy Yeager. It was during this time that they performed at the White House for President Jimmy Carter.

After a long hiatus, the band got back together in the mid 90’s and re-recorded some of their best and most famous songs. Atlanta’s live studio sound Rhythm Section ’96 features a different, less polished take on some classic tunes and captures the sound of their live performances from that period.

Three come back…

Three original band members returned: vocalist Ronnie Hammond, guitarist Barry Bailey and keyboardist Dean Daughtry. They were joined by Steve Stone on guitar, Justin Senker on bass and Sean Burke on drums. The group also recorded a second version of these songs with the same lineup except for new drummer RJ Vealey.

just listen So inside you with a Dean and Ronnie Hammond (Ronnie Van Zandt’s favorite singer) full of joy and with Another man’s woman. It’s nearly 10 minutes into the Atlanta Rhythm Section taking on that epic Southern rock tradition.

It may not cause sparks free bird of the Lynyrds or highway song Blackfoot, but I’d end any great album with a little big league axiology.

New in development…

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