“I’m Really Overwhelmed”: Noelia Marzol’s raw story about motherhood

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Noelia Marzol one shared photos of the privacy of your home in which she is seen with her two children, Alfonsina and Donatello, and writes a profound reflection on motherhood.

The complete letter of Noelia Marzol

This is not the B side, this is being a mom! I tell you the context of the photo. I had gone to work with Alfi. I went home and after the routine I went to sleep with Dona. Within 5 minutes of going to bed she threw up on herself (on me of course) so I went for a quick shower.

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In between, Alfon began to cry from hunger and Donut from sleep… And my mother called me to ask how we were. That moment that I captured to show you, where I’m really overwhelmed, I feel like she identifies all the moms and dads in the world.

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But nothing on the B side. That’s motherhood, as well as motherhood when I work, when I put on makeup and get dressed to go out with friends, when I work out.

Being a mom is the combo. And all facets coexist. Because we can and do our best.

So even if I despair, I always come to the same conclusion. #LoveSerMom and I assume something this wonderful comes with a “cost”.

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Source: Clarin

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