The scandal grows: they confirm the love story between Wanda Nara and Keita Baldé Diao

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On Wednesday, Spanish journalist Jordi Martín dropped a bombshell intruders (America, 1:30 pm) assuring him Wanda Nara I had been unfaithful to Mauro Icardi with Keita Baldé Diaoformer teammate of the striker at Inter.

After the scandal caused by this news, the journalist spoke again with Florencia de la Ve and provided new evidence confirming the link between the media and the Spanish footballer of Senegalese origin who currently plays for FC Spartak in Moscow.

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I spoke to Wanda Nara for an hour on the phone last night. And another hour today,” she said and claimed that she confirmed her relationship with Keita.

Thus, after saying that the information he initially gave came from Simona Guatieri, the footballer’s former partner, the Spaniard left everyone speechless by shooting: “I’ll give you a headline: Wanda Nara and Keita are dating.”

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“What? No. You say so? No, please put the kettle on here. The program ends and I don’t know how to continue and I wait until Monday. I can’t believe it. I’m as surprised as all of you” said Florencia de Ve, incredulous.

Jordi then revealed how Icardi became aware of the alleged infidelity: “Mauro Icardi discovers the truth by looking at the security cameras and contacts Simona (Keita’s ex-girlfriend) and she doesn’t want to see reality. When Icardi tells her ‘you ‘ ‘If you’re a spoiled cuckold’ it’s because no matter how much evidence Simona gets on her phone, she can’t fight back. Simona got the pictures from Dubai.”

And then the journalist explained that he was able to see intimate images of the entrepreneur and former teammate of Icardi: “I saw the photos of Dubai. I saw Wanda Nara in a room with Keita. Wanda’s trip is paid for by Keita. He invited Vanda.”

New in development…

Source: Clarin

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