“The Last of Us”: confirmed the second season

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The apocalyptic drama protagonist Peter Pascal Y Bella Ramsey it was a big hit from the start. His first episode, in the middle of this month, became the debut of the second most watched series on HBO in a decade. Last Sunday’s second episode increased viewers by 22% over the first on HBO and HBO Max.

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“I am so grateful to the millions of people who have joined us on this journey,” the executive producer said. Neil Druckman.

“The audience has given us the opportunity to continue, and as fans of the characters and the world that Neil and Naughty Dog have created, I couldn’t be more ready to dive into history”. The second season is fixed, but no further details can be known yet.

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The Last of Usthe series based on the hugely popular video game of the same name, managed to please both critics and fans of the franchise in its debut on HBO, a goal that few console adaptations achieve and that its creators attribute “to the attention and care” they put into “protecting the relationship people have with the game”.

That’s how he tried to explain his approach Craig Mazinchatting with telam and other regional media. The American screenwriter who has been praised for his miniseries Chernobyladmitted that fit The Last of Us for the small screen it had been a “Great responsibility”.

The protagonists

The series follows Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey). Joel is an experienced survivor traumatized by the loss of his own daughter, who lives in an oppressive environment military-run quarantine zone and is tasked with sneaking out teenage Ellie, whose apparent immunity to the fungus makes her a valuable commodity for the groups being questioned.

Together they must learn to trust each other on a journey across the devastated United States, in a storyline that has become a little more relatable to audiences after their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic in recent years.

“The aim is to help us safely experience things that would otherwise be more painful. An expedition like this allows people to experience, beyond the pandemic, the pain of loss and also theto the happiness of reconnection and rebirth even in extreme circumstances,” Mazin said of the series’ timeliness and usefulness.

With new chapters every Sunday at 11 p.m. on HBO and HBO Max, the series premiere on Sunday, Jan. 15 became the most-watched premiere on the streaming platform in Latin America in its first 24 hours.

The success is due in part to the expectations of the legion of fans the game has had since it was originally released in 2013, with numerous awards and over 37 million copies sold. But also to the specialized critics, who announced practically unanimously after having accessed the chapters in advance what it was all about “One of the best adaptations of a video game.”

Mazin hopes the series’ success “may help video game storytelling finally take the place of other forms of storytelling.”

I love playing video games. I’ve been playing it all my life, ever since my dad bought the first one Atari and took it home. I hope this inspires other artists and filmmakers to look at video games and their stories and tell them in an exalted way.”


Source: Clarin

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