Wanda Nara has addressed dating rumors with Keita Baldé Diao

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In the midst of the scandal, Wanda Nara has faced rumors that she is experiencing an engagement with the footballer Keita Baldé Diao, Mauro Icardi’s teammate when Rosario’s man played for Inter. That version came from Jordi Martin, the Spanish journalist and paparazzi who became famous for following Shakira’s life step by step.

In the issue of intruders (America, 13:30) Today, Friday, the Spaniard, without anesthesia, told Flor de la Ve, host of the cycle: “I’ll Give You a Headline: Wanda Nara and Keita Are Together”.

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Surprised, Flor exclaimed: “What?! No. And you say it like that?” “No please put the kettle here. The program ends and I don’t know how to continue and I’m waiting until Monday. I can’t believe it. I’m as surprised as all of you,” she added.

Wanda came out at the crossroads from Instagram

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While the version of the alleged courtship between Wanda Nara and Keita Baldé Diao launched by the Spaniard Jordi Martín has caused a stir in Argentina, the media, very clever as always, has come out to address these sayings, but in a very subtle way.

Shower in the management of social networks, Wanda Nara used the round of questions and answers that she proposed to her followers to clarify her sentimental situation.

In this exchange with her fans made in Instagram stories, Wanda was accompanied by her daughter Francesca, the fruit of her marriage to Mauro Icardi.

“Franks, we will answer whatever they ask us, okay?” Wanda said to her daughter. The girl was thrilled, and together they started answering questions like what are their favorite foods, what movies do they like best, what do they love to do most as a family or where do they want to travel.

Until then everything was very relaxed and Francesca catches all eyes with her friendliness and spontaneity. But later, the issues started to get more thorny. But neither Wanda nor her daughter refused to answer.

“Wanda, would you like to go back to live in Argentina?”asked one of his followers. Without hesitating for a moment, the media responded. “Yes, I would like”. And right after that, he passed the ball to the girl. “And you, Franchi?” she asked. Francesca thought about it for a while and immediately decided to answer as children do: with all the truth. “Yes, but with my dad,” she said.

And in expressing her love for her dad, Francesca went even further. It was when someone asked the typical question that adults usually ask children: “Mom or Dad?” Wanda replied, without hesitation: “Mom”. And her daughter, with total sincerity, replied: “Dad.” “What?” her mother yelled and burst out laughing.

The million dollar question, the one that Wanda was surely waiting to come out of the closet at the crossroads of the rumor according to which she would give herself – as the term used by the Spanish Jordi Martín, who started shooting that version – with Keita Baldé Diao.

“Are you with a new boyfriend?”: So they asked the question related to the gossip of the day. “Not me,” Wanda assured. And to add a touch of joy to the matter, she looked at Francesca and said: “Not me. And you?” She too the girl replied no.

Source: Clarin

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