This is Julieta Poggio’s passage for “100 Argentines say”: her amusing round trip with Darío Barassi

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Juliet Poggio is perhaps the participant of Big Brother (2022) with more artistic experience. The young actress and dancer was part of comedies and films. However, now a television participation of Juli (dubbed Disney inside the house) in a similar entertainment cycle They say 100 Argentinesthe program that commanded as host Dario Barassi in El Trece and at the beginning of this 2023 ended.

Julieta’s participation in 100 Argentines say was on May 29, 2022 and she came as a guest of Lola Latorre. At that time, the participant of the reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro was part of the job Self lovetogether with the daughter of Yanina Latorre and Diego Latorre.

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True to his style the porteña did not go unnoticed by Barassiwho joked with the participants of his show.

“Juli, you don’t have a drop of makeup!”, was the first comment that the driver dedicated to Juliet. “With a little washed face,” she replied.

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At another point in the game, Barassi got mad at Julieta because she caught her getting an answer from her partner. “I saw them talking. Juli says to her ‘what am I saying, man?’ “I’m not a traitor, I wanted to ask him for the melody, but I already remembered it”, she defended herself.

“Would you hire a witch to make someone fall in love or fall in love with you?” the driver asked. “Ref. I went to witches to know the future. It worked for me. He throws you cards”replied Poggio, who also started dancing in another part of the programme.

“When we play tuti frutti I don’t allow spiders to be used as animals. It’s an insect», Juli pointed out on another occasion, trying to discredit a response from the opposing team (made up of the cast of the play Lapland).

Despite their attempts, the team led by Lola Latorre and Juli Poggio failed to win They say 100 Argentines and his participation was just a program.

Julieta Poggio’s past as an actress

The 21-year-old has a resume in various audiovisual productions. “My place in the world is the cameras and the stage”was his most important sentence the day he appeared at the GH.

In 2009 he participated in the film dad for a day, which had an exceptional cast: Nicolás Cabré, Luisana Lopilato and Gimena Accardi. There, Juli played Cabré’s sister, whom she has to take care of.

Julieta also participated in the youth strip spoiled (2009). In the fiction starring Natalie Pérez, her character was called Olivia.

The GH competitor then gained a lot of exposure as an influencer, amassing a large following on Instagram. That’s how he got cast on the show Self lovewhich told the story of 7 teenagers who had problems, doubts and fears that many young people could feel identified with.

The show was presented at the Picadero Theater and had the participation of Lola Latorre, Chopa Montoya, Martu Morales, Tini Dominguez, Juli Castro and Julieta’s sister, Lola Poggio, also an actress and influencer.


Source: Clarin

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