Carmen Barbieri opened up and revealed who was the great love of her life

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Carmen Barbieri, in an interview with intruders (America, Monday-Friday at 1:30pm), spoke about his private life and revealed who was the love of his life.

The driver earlier said that his son, Federico Bal, he had a bad time during the media separation with what they had Santiago ball (1936-2019) and that is why he criticized Shakira when she unmasked Gerard Piqué, as the children were left in the middle of their parents’ conflicts.

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In this sense, Carmen clarified that all the statements she made against Santiago were out of spite. And she recalled that she said publicly at the time that the the love of her life had been Jorge Porcelwhen it really wasn’t.

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“The love of my life was Santiago with whom I had a son. I didn’t intend to have a child. And with this man I wanted to have a child. I choose. I loved him deeply. He was the best teammate I’ve ever had.”Barbieri confessed.

“Today that he’s dead, he must be listening. But at the time I said he wasn’t the love of my life, to make him suffer”added.

And he blanched that he recently had a conversation with his son in which he chastised him for those sayings about Porcel. “Fede grabbed me by himself and told me “Was it true what you said or was it for pain?” I did it due to injury, I told him. The boys suffer,” she said.

Right away, the actress said when she met Bal they were dating and decided to leave him to start a formal relationship with him.

“I fell in love with Santiago and before what had to happen happened, I sat him down with Daniel Puente and I told him I was falling in love with someone and that already ours…”, he recalled.

Also, at another point in the interview, he referred to her love story with Guillermo Francella, with whom he was in a relationship for almost two years. “I love him and his family very much. We had a great relationship and I will go to the theater when I have time,” she said.

Carmen Barbieri’s anger with Big Brother’s Alfa

At the beginning of January, Walter Alfa Santiago launched an unfortunate sentence at the home of Big Brother on Carmen Barbieri and has assured that he will start a process.

The 61-year-old participant recounted having had a dream with the actress. “I dreamed that Carmen Barbieri died. I saw the news and Fede Bal was crying like crazy”revealed.

“In Telefe News he said: ‘Yesterday she withdrew from her studies crumbled…'”he recounted and they stopped broadcasting on Pluto TV.

The most surprising thing is that the day before her dream, Carmen had collapsed and had not attended her Mañanísima (Ciudad Magazine) program.

“I’m about to make a judgment because he said I was dead. My mom said that if they dreamed about it, they lengthened your life”.

At the same time, Barbieri was impressed that Alfa said that when she really broke down. “You must have an external contact … How do you know I was sick the other day?“, she stressed, surprised.


Source: Clarin

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