Inés Estévez has sued her daughters’ guardian for abandonment

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Inés Estévez has publicly denounced one of her daughters’ carers, Cielo y Vida, for abandonment. In her text, the plaintiff claims that the employee resigned without respecting the steps that had been agreed for the secondment in the case of two girls with disabilities.

Along with the letter posted on Instagram, Inés Estévez uploaded a video of one of her daughters, Vida, crying inconsolably after the sudden departure of her carer.

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The moving and profound text in which Inés Estévez explains the situation that she and her daughters are going through begins by saying: «It is time to talk about this: there are no home assistance devices for the disabled that guarantee suitability and continuity, but above all there is no guarantee of human goodness“.

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Those of us who are maternity or paternity on disability and, as in my case, lack an available family framework (companion, uncles, grandparents, older brothers, etc.) we depend purely and exclusively on paid support“, underlines the mother of Vida y Cielo below.

And he adds: “Now let’s consider my direct case: two disabled daughters and a mother who takes care of them most of the month – when they don’t go to their father – exclusively, who works to keep the house, daughters and care facility, which involves a little cooking and cleaning. Now consider that to ensure that nothing is left as inconvenienced as the health of a caregiver who blights the landscape, hire two, so the task is shared and no girl is likely to be neglected”.

“We add to this recycling, contributions and wages higher than those indicated in the nomenclature -Inés Estévez continues by describing the way in which she carries on the relationship with her daughters’ carers-. Let’s add that my two daughters are nicer than little girls, adaptable and affectionate as well as down to earth.”

Inés Estévez: “Who protects us?

Then, in the actress’s post, we read the following statement: “The law protects – and it is essential that it does so – domestic staff, who, as is known, are protected, suddenly leave their jobs – and with this abandon girls with previous adaptation and attachment work, and in the case of my daughters, memory of abandonment, with which absences suffer unspeakably- they send lawyers (sic) to claim money unjustly or ask for leave avoiding liability once salary is received, etc.”.

“Many times these people have failed over the course of 11 years, many others have been lovely and excellent,” says Estévez. there is no contract or possible legal provision that guarantees us kindness and care for the fragility of these children“.

To conclude her writing, Inés Estévez alludes to the images that accompany the post: those of Vida weeping inconsolably. “Here is a stark example of the state of Vida by sending a message to a caregiver who would slowly get rid of her task – by her own decision – and who for one reason or another does not respect the promised steps”.

“They will excuse the exposure of a suffering girl. But impotence in the face of her pain forces us to question ourselves and raise awareness: who protects us? What Vida says in the video is “‘I feel sad’“.

Subsequently, in her stories on Instagram, the actress shared the story that one of her followers sent her, recounting her experience with her grandmother’s carer, a disabled lady.


Source: Clarin

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