On Netflix, how is the documentary in which Pamela Anderson tells everything: intimate diaries and home videos

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Without makeup, she reveals abuse and rape as a child. Here’s how she looks Pamela Anderson at 55 in the documentary Pamela Anderson: a love storywhich opens today Netflix.

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And today, Tuesday 31 January, another project that involves her personally is also starting: in addition to the documentary on Ryan White, produced by Brandon Thomas Lee, her 26-year-old son, her memoirs, With love, Pamela (at just $19.38), in which, apparently, the star is more explicit in the written words than in the images shown in the documentary.

Daughter of a gambling and alcoholic father, abused by her nanny for more than 3 years, raped by a 26-year-old man when she was only 12, front page and middle pages of PlayboyPamela had just left the island in Canada when they called her from Playboy.

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But today Pamela Anderson is no longer the celebrity she was, and would continue to be if it weren’t for the famous sex tape released without her consent. She blames the explosion on her video with Tommy Lee, the first of her five husbands..

The documentary is more or less typical in which, this being an authorized biography, Anderson is interviewed at her home in Ladysmith, Canada, by the sea, along with her two sons, the one named Brandon and Dylan Jagger. The atmosphere is relaxed, and if there is something that attracts attention it will be a memory of Pamela, usually referring to her sexuality.

Intimacy of a not anyone

Pamela reads his private diaries and shows some pictures from his home videos – from his whole life; Not the one of the scandal, because it was stolen, as we learned in the series Pam & Tommyreleased just a year ago, and to which she complains beautifully-, and the actress, who has been through it all, knows how to be ironic and talk about the power of the media and misogyny.

There is everything we knew: the fortuitous discovery of her face in the stands of an American football game, on the stadium screens, the almost immediate call from Playboy, who paid for her a first-class ticket from Canada to Los Angeles – had never before been on a plane – his meteoric rise to global stardom thanks to the series Baywatchher wedding on the beach in Cancun with Tommy Lee, the drummer of Mötley Crüe, after spending only 4 days together.

On more than one occasion in the documentary – which doesn’t last two hours, so she could have said more things – and with reference to the sex video, Pamela repeats that she has never won a cent, that she was offered 5 million of the green coin and she and Tommy Lee declined. The rest is known.

Directed by Ryan White, two-time Emmy nominated for two documentaries (The case against 8in 2014, e The Keepers, in 2017), obviously there isn’t much to object to, nor any guiding questions other than those posed by several TV hosts. from David Letterman to Larry King.

She always, always, answers honestly. Her breasts, shoes, and blonde hair color are the only things that aren’t natural to her. Did she get her breasts done? She had her breasts done. Do they ask you about your ex husbands? Answer back. And vegan – or at least at one point she was -, the film gives space to her participation in Peta’s campaign, in defense of animals.

But when it seemed that everything would be told in the past tense more than perfect, but finally passed, the call to star in Chicago, the musical, for a few weeks on Broadway last year. We see her rehearsing, fooling around and then performing on stage as Roxie. She sings and dances better than many realize.

Perhaps to add familiar names, he accuses Sylvester Stallone of offering him a Porsche car and an apartment if he’d agree to be his “girl number 1.” In her memoirs, which she coincidentally are also published today, January 31st, as already anticipated, Pamela says that Tim Allen, the actor who will later lend the voice to Buzz Lightyear in the saga of toy storyshowed him his penis in his dressing room on the first day of filming the series Home Improvement (1991). She says he told her it was right, because she had seen her naked inside Playboyand so they were at hand.

An indulgent documentary, Pamela only looks mean when she’s talking to herself, because some of her on-camera monologues don’t have much backing. But when one might start to get bored or get up to the fridge, some reference to their sex life appears.

“My breasts are in bad shape, do you want to see them?” she says.

Seeing is believing.

“Pamela Anderson: A Love Story”


Documentary. USA, 2023. Original title: “Pamela Anderson: A Love Story”. 113′, SA 18. Of: Ryan White. Available in: Netflix.

Source: Clarin

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