Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez suffered an intimate incident live and had to go on the air

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Invited as a speaker to Barbarossa (El Trece, 9.30 am), Sofia Jujuy Jiménez had an embarrassing moment on the air when suffered an intimate accident which caused her to leave the show.

The speaker had accepted the challenge of Georgina Barbarossathe conductor of the cycle, who proposed to do the live choreography by Calmlythe success of Daddy Yankee referred to the participants Big Brother they had to dance last week to pass the weekly test.

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Jujuy agreed and started dancing in front of the cameras, but when he turned around and began to squirmthe animator of the program He abruptly asked her to stop.

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“Stop stop Stop”, Barbarossa began to tell her when she realized that the model had suffered a mishap. “You stained your pants, fat girl”he explained, whispering into her ear. “What?”she managed to answer, a little bewildered. “You have a small stain on your pants, nothing happens”Georgina tried to calm her down.

“Oh, no, no, no… Oh, I’m shaking, Georgi”, Jujuy started stammering as soon as he understood what the driver was saying. “It happens to all women, so don’t worry, go change and you’ll come” Barbarossa consoled her. “Oh, no, what a shame,” replied the model and automatically shut down and went to her dressing room.

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Source: Clarin

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