Mauro Icardi has launched a frank statement: “I am for little more than writing to the little ones on Instagram”

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The scandal around Wanda Nara Y Mauro Icardi continues, adding new chapters day by day. On the one hand, the relationship that the media allegedly maintain with the Senegalese footballer Keita Baldé Diao has exploded in recent days and on the other they have met some alleged chats between Icardi and a model.

Tired of all this, the current Galatasaray striker from Turkey shared a post on Instagram, where he has more than 9 million followers, with a firm clarification.

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“Hello everyone, I am writing to STRONGLY DENIAL all chats, messages, calls or anything you want to make up in my name”Icardi began by remarking, making specific reference to the alleged conversation with him that the model and educational psychologist spread Rocio Galera.

“I’ve never talked to any unknown girl outside my inner circle, I don’t need to. And I repeat it again, today more than ever I repeat that I am here for little more than to write to the girls on Instagram,” added Rosario.

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And he closed by targeting Galera again, whom he accused of wanting to associate with him to get media coverage. “Anyone who knows me knows the truth very well. And if I had to write, I certainly wouldn’t be this type of person. I send you a kiss and They can seek fame elsewhere.”concluded Icardi.

It is the second time that Icardi has denied the chats with Galera. A few days ago he expressed: “I’ll clarify it so that there are no doubts. The groom also with a spiritual rite? Let me know something. ALL FAKE”.

“I think I’m for more than that. Nowadays everyone gets ‘famous'”added the footballer.

Mauro Icardi’s alleged chat with model Rocío Galera

The model released the alleged conversation she had with Icardi via Instagram. According to her, the footballer sent her two emojis as a reaction to a video of her dancing in a bikini in a pool that he uploaded to the social network.

“Is that you? Or they’re managing your account”, was Galera’s reply. “It’s me. Nobody manages anything for me,” she assured in the conversation broadcast by the Ángel de Brito program THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm).

So she tells him she would like to have a meeting and he asks her: “I’m interested. I’m complicated. The only thing, I ask you for privacy.”


Source: Clarin

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