The confessions of Agustín, Big Brother’s strategist… whose strategy has failed

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Agostino Guardiaka Frodo, got his second chance at the house of Big Brother (Telefe) thanks to the repechage. But, despite the fact that he managed to reverse the negative image he has in a part of the public, it wasn’t enough for him to continue the match and on Sunday he was eliminated, by just over a point difference with Daniela Celis.

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But already totally out of the game, the young man from La Plata doesn’t give up. His dream, he says, was to be remembered as one of reality’s best strategists.. And while he doesn’t deny that he wanted to win, he feels he’s already made his mark GH.

Terms such as “hunter nomination”, “phase one”, “phase three” were frequent in his dialogues with his companions, in the confessional or directly in front of the cameras. On this second visit to the house, Agustín recognizes him he’s not worried that the love/hate towards him has polarized.

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“I see that there are those who love me very much, overwhelmingly, and those who don’t love me, who don’t love me at all, but whatever it is,” she says. “All I did was to have fun and to that remains in the history of GH and when other ‘little brothers’ arrive in the next editions, use ‘hunter’, for example, in nominations“, Explain.

Although many celebrities who had climbed the “Frodoneta” to support him, from networks, such as Kun Agüero, Duki and BizarrapFor Agustín, the love of his fans from the first hour is intact: “Besides, I feel that it has multiplied in recent weeks.”

With as many fans as detractors (haters in the jargon of social networks), from its entry into reality he called himself the Lionand hasn’t stopped attracting attention for constantly breaking the “fourth wall” and speaking directly to the audiencelooking at the camera and making their strategies public.

Apart from the fact that, according to him, on the second occasion, “we understood the game more, they understood me more”, his dream has come true. “Obviously I would have liked to win, like everyone else, but it was something that could have come more,” he insists. “I wanted to leave something, a sign for future strategists”.

Inside the house, even if at the beginning I had a lot of friction with the other participants, on his return he feels that it has improved: “With Lucila, La Tora, for example, I think we have rounded off the edges”. and she supports it The best thing is to have found a friend like Marcos.

“The friendship was also born with Coty, but with Marcos it was very surprising. And even though we come from completely different worlds, we complement each other very well and it seems to me that it is because neither of us is afraid to show ourselves as he is and he defends with drawn sword,” he says. “He, quiet, and I, singing and dancing, for example.”

Because, Keep betting on Marcos to be the winner of this edition of the reality show. “You have a steely character that hardly anyone has in the house”. And he anticipates: “Now The opportunity for change has come for him, especially in the nominations. They will see”.

GH fan

The man from La Plata considers himself a number one fan of Big Brother and that’s why he wants to continue to be connected to reality, in some way. “Also I would like to dedicate myself to the world of e-sports and streamsand combine politics with communication”.

However, he admits it too so much emphasis placed on strategies played a bit against him: “I think the worst thing was being so obsessed with the game, and that’s why it didn’t come out so polished. But other than that, it’s a unique, beautiful and unforgettable experience.”

Source: Clarin

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