Ángel de Brito revealed that the female misadventure of Jujuy Jiménez was staged: “We all fell”

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After the intimate misadventure in which Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez starred live Barbarossa (Telefe, Mon-Fri 9.30am), it has come to light that it would be an advertising campaign for a popular women’s care brand seeking “normalize menstruation.

This Tuesday, the media were invited to the Telefe cycle and, at one point, they were the hosts, Georgina Barbarossawho warned him that his pants were white with a bloodstain.

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The situation caused a stir and the image of Juan Martín Del Potro’s ex quickly went viral on social networks.

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panache angel echoed what happened on the Balls Channel show and clarified that what happened to the guest was not “real,” but rather It was an action to promote a brand.

On Twitter, the journalist ensured that although many believed the model, it was actually a performance.

the driver of THEY (America, Mon-Fri 8pm) shared a user’s tweet explaining that this was an action that was happening in other countries as well.

“The campaign is called ‘Let’s Normalize the Normal’, and it has already been done in another country, to think that the offenses were 99% women, our male contribution goes” wrote the internet user adding some photographs of a woman with stained white trousers.

“The Jujuy thing was part of an advertising campaign, beautifully executed. We are all ‘fallen’”DeBrito added.

She turned white and almost passed outnor Norma Aleandro dares so much. What happened to everyone once happened to him. Leave her alone,” said a woman on the bird’s social network, defending Jujuy.

“Where do you draw this conclusion from Angel? He’s gone bad and when Georgina goes to the table, she notices how Nancy looks at the chair where Jujuy was and pushes it into her. It happened to all of us once, I don’t think it’s weird at all. Sometimes we have multi-loss periods and these things happen,” wrote another.

“It is a campaign that has already been carried out here in Peru, and then it was in the written media, the majority thought it was a reality, but everything has been implemented”clarified another netizen.

The truth is that in August a Peruvian singer named Amy Gutiérrez He experienced the same situation on a live show and caused a stir when it was revealed that he was campaigning.

As reported, “Let’s normalize the normal” is a menstrual education campaign, a kind of social experiment in which various influencers and celebrities in different countries have participated.

“It is not normal to have normalized violence, poverty, lack of education and discrimination. Nor is it normal for something as natural as menstruation to be taboo”says the ad.

The misadventure of Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez in Barbarossa

This Tuesday Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez was invited to Georgina Barbarossa’s show on Telefe.

The truth is, the model experienced an uncomfortable situation when the driver told her that she had a bloodstain on her white pants.

It all started when the media accepted the challenge of dancing to a well-known song by Daddy Yankee, protagonist of the latest Big Brother 2022 weekly challenge.

“Jujuy,” got up from his chair to choreograph with Georgina, but when he turned around, the camera focused closely on his pants and a small red spot was seen.

“Stop, stop, stop. You got your trousers stained, fat girl,” Barbarossa said in her ear, preventing her from continuing to dance.

“You have a little stain on your pants, that’s fine,” Georgina continued.

“Oh, no, no, no… Oh, I’m shaking, Georgi,” the model replied, visibly uncomfortable.

“It happens to all women, so calm down, go change and come,” added the driver. Soon after, the guest left the apartment and went to change.


Source: Clarin

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