Harsh crossover aired between Sofía “Jujuy” Jiménez and Marina Calabró for the campaign of menstrual spots

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Sofía Jujuy Jiménez and Marina Calabró had a tough battle on the air, live, on THEY (America, 8.00 pm), the cycle conducted by Ángel De Brito. Era on the advertising campaign on the menstrual spot that Jujuy starred in the Georgina Barbarossa program and which has caused great controversy.

In THEY they were interviewing Jujuy Jiménez about the situation where she was seen with an alleged menstrual spot on her white pants and was presented as an incident in the Barbarossa cycle, by Telefe.

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Jiménez continued to keep that version of the “incident” in the media for 24 hours even after De Brito had already revealed that it was a staged commercial sponsored by a brand that sells period products.

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From a cell phone, Jujuy attacked Marina Calabró, who accused her of deceiving viewers. “What Marina Calabró said called me a lot,” she shot. Here no one deceived anyone“.

Marina Calabró made a comment with malicious intent, when it shows that you are a malicious personA. Because you said the public is not fooled. She said I cheated and what I did was act out. I want to make it clear to Marina that it was a performancean interpretation, the representation of what happens to all of us”.

“What I did was interpret what happens to all of us with the express intention of going out to clarify the next day and show: We generate it so that families can discuss it and girls don’t feel ashamed.”

Marina Calabró: “I heard that a cat was sold for a shot”

Ángel De Brito cut his losses: “In order not to have a broken phone and not come looking for you tomorrow, we’ll call you now to explain your position,” he told Marina Calabró when he put it on the air by phone.

I defend my right to say what I thinkthat’s what I said today on the radio,” said the columnist of Jorge Lanata’s program on Radio Miter.

Regarding Jujuy’s position that he hadn’t lied but acted, Calabró stressed: “When you go to the theater, you know what you’re going to see are actors making a fiction. But in this case, Lanata and I agree that this (the alleged menstrual stain on Jujuy’s pants) was passed off as a fact of real life and it was only many hours later that it was clarified that it was an act of awareness. And it seems to me that the audience is never lied to in any context“.

“This is my position -continued Marina-. Many will have loved the campaign and in fact it was effective because it generated the debate they expected and it was a trend on social networks”.

Jujuy Jiménez came out at the crossroads: “he wasn’t lying. If we said it, it ceased to be a campaign. Where was a lie for you? We should have said, “Hi, are we running a campaign?” If there’s no noise, there’s no impact.”

“I respect that and the company will know how the campaign does it. It’s also not the first country in the world where it does it. But I, as a spectator, have the right to express my opinion because it’s a public fact And what it is happened to me is ThatI heard a pig was being sold for a poke“.


Source: Clarin

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