The Villa Ortúzar bodegón, famous for its kilometric snacks, celebrates its 80th anniversary

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One of the emblematic still lifes of Villa Ortúzar is Lopez Brewery: historically it stood out for being a place of passage that sold great chopped and chopped over iceBut over time it has incorporated more dishes from Spanish cuisine and grill until today, in which the super Milanese tenderwhich are among the largest achievable in the City of Buenos Aires.

This Spanish restaurant with suburban decor was founded in 1943 by Asturian immigrant Antonio López and on February 11 he will be 80 years old. Nowadays continues to be a family business and is managed by the third generation of relatives, together with the descendants of the original partners who accompanied Don Antonio in this project.

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Cervecería López is located at Alvarez Thomas at 2100 and has an eclectic audience: young people, families, seniors and even celebrities – the common denominator is that everyone likes the Good quality home cooked food, served in generous portions and well pricedthree pillars that make the difference of the place.

What is Cervecería López like?

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This rustic facade still life It is located in what used to be a bowling green and over time received numerous spare parts. It currently has two very spacious rooms connected by a corridor and a semi-covered rear patio. In total, if you count the space with sidewalk tables, it can accommodate about 250 diners.

The decor is typical of a neighborhood restaurant and they stand out soccer team banners which have been donated by the customers themselves. There is also old-fashioned advertising hung in squares on the walls; the floor is a mosaic that looks a little worn, the ceiling is covered in dark wood and near the bar, hanging hams and pans.

In the 1940s and until the 1970s it was a place for a snack and draft beer. In the 1980s, classics of Spanish cuisine such as tortilla chips and squid rings were added. In the 90’s we added a grille and in the 2000’s, the Milanese pasta, supreme and homemade. A few years ago we incorporated pizzas and super milanesas,” explains Alejandro Martín Frota, the manager of the venue.

During this temporary journey, they were passing by several generations who have become fans of the still life and in general, well-known personalities from different fields are seen, from actors to musicians, drivers and media chefs.

Another regular is the Little Fox Von Quintiero, keyboardist of Charly García and bassist of Ratones Paranoicos. The musician, who is also a renowned food entrepreneur, says this is one of his favorite restaurants in the city. In fact, once his father was one of the partners in the bodegón.

“My father started high school and graduated as a master builder, but he had one hobby: he liked gastronomy. After working for a while and saving a few pesos, he partnered with some Galicians and put the money up as a shareholder in the López brewery.. It had an outdoor terrace and a huge sidewalk where people sat down to eat every summer,” he recalls in his book “I’m Zorry.”

What to eat at Lopez Brewery

At Cervecería López there is what is called “comida de fonda”, with extra large portions designed to be shared and at a great price. One fact to keep in mind: table service costs just $160 and brings pickled eggplant, beans and butter in large quantities.

One of the stars is the “Picada López” which brings cured ham, natural cooked ham, gruyere, mortadella, leberwurst, sausage, roasted peppers, stuffed green olives, black olives, eggplant vinaigrette, lima beans, cheese platter, homemade matambre and Russian salad.

it’s mileage: According to the menu specs it costs $8,200 and it can eat four to six people. Half cut costs $7,000 and three people eat.

The Spanish omelette is among the “house specialties”: it is made of potatoes, onion, red chorizo ​​​​​​and is ideal for order as an appetizer if the table is very busy. It’s large, like most dishes served at this restaurant, and costs $2,300.

A dish that many customers ask to accompany is the Roman-style squid rings: The portion costs $3,700 (the average, $3,100).

For a table of friends the veal super milanesas are highly recommended: keep in mind that they are served in a round format, they occupy the circumference of a pizza and there are underneath them a huge portion of fries.

They are available in three versions: Neapolitan, fugazzetta, calabresa and cheddar, guanciale and verdeo. They’re around $4,500, and the menu indicates they’re for a minimum of three peoplewhat is real.

Another option to share is Zorrito Von Quintiero’s favorite dish: the very vintage Suprema a la Maryland, which comes with fried plantains, ham, creamed corn, peppers, and hash brownsIt costs $4,200 and three people can eat.

In hot appetizers, the mozzarella sticks ($2,400) and the bites of chard ($2,000). Among the cold ones, a strong point is the Vitel Tono ($2,000) and the homemade matambre with Russian salad ($2,200).

As for beers, López works the AB InBev line and has the classics Quilmes, Stout, Stella Artois and Patagonia (Pilsen, Amber and IPA 24.7) on tap. You can ask for chopp, ball and also 1.5 liter jugs starting at $1,000.

There is also red and white wine from various cellarsvermouth, long drinks (Negroni, Campari, Cuba Libre and Gin Tonic), soft drinks, flavored waters and a 1.5 liter carafe of lemonade and mint.

The desserts are homemade and to be shared: the flan is not to be missed and can be accompanied with dulce de leche. There is also pudding, tiramisu, chocotorta, charlotte, banana split and dulce de leche pancakes, apple with ice cream and burnt apple with rum.

Lopez Brewery. Alvarez Thomas 2136, Villa Ortuzar. IG: @cervecerialopez

Source: Clarin

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