David Nalbandian showed up with his new girlfriend: who she is and what she does

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After splitting in December after 20 years of marriage, this Wednesday David Nalbandian went to see Married with children with his new girlfriend.

This is Araceli Torrado, who on his Instagram account is defined as a model and belongs to a group of promoters of an energy drink.

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The tennis player and his new partner arrived together at the Gran Rex theater, located on Calle Corrientes 800, to see the show starring Guillermo Francella, Luisana Lopilato and Florencia Peña.

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There, in the lobby, they were shown together collecting tickets from the box office. However, Nalbandian decided to pose for himself for the cameras when he stands in front of the comic banner.

After the service, the couple walked away and showed themselves to hugs and kisses on public roads. Then they took a taxi.

He participated with a relaxed look: jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt. She, for her part, wore black pants, a T-shirt, a denim jacket and Texan boots.

In his profile Torrado has more than 200,000 followers and in his description he mentions coffee “choconella” and “intense roast”.without providing further details.

Right away, quotes the Bible passage, Philippians 4:6-7, which says: “Do not be anxious about anything; rather, at all times, by prayer and supplication, present your supplications to God and give thanks. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

In her posts, she shares photos promoting the drink she works for and poses with friends. In the last weeks was shown in Pinamar and previously, in early January, he was on vacation in Ushuaia.

David Nalbandian split after 22 years of marriage

David Nalbandian’s separation became known in December 2022 a in the afternoon (America, at 3:45 pm), where they said the athlete decided to end the relationship with Victoria Boschwith whom he has two children, Sossie and Theo, after 22 years.

“She is low key, she has always been by the side since they were teenagers and he was starting to take his first steps on the track. Really, Bosch hardly ever went to tournaments”he told reporter Diego Estévez.

“The woman from Cordoba, a pharmacist by profession, has never abandoned her profession. Just in the last few years they have been shown together, the first images appeared, especially when they were parents. That was the icing on the cake,” the reporter said.

Bosch met David as a teenager, but I never went to events with the tennis player. It wasn’t until May 2013, when Sossie was born, that some photos of them together started leaking.

As told in the cycle conducted by Karina Mazzocco, the woman it was a key piece at the time of Nalbandian’s retirementwhen he suffered multiple hip injuries.

Before meeting the mother of his children, Nalbandian was in a relationship with Victoria Vannucci. And later he had a relationship with Sofía Zámolo, although they have not shown themselves very publicly.

“We were ‘mini’, very young. I was engaged and he, I don’t know. We were boys and he was in a situation where he’s been gone and back with his girlfriend from beforebut I didn’t know it,” said Zámolo.

“I wish him the best, now I think he is married and has a thousand children. If I meet him, I greet him. We didn’t end badly. Then I realized that we were boys and that no one is saved from death or from horns”model added.

Also, in the September 2018 releases of romance between Nalbandian and Juana Viale, since Ángel de Brito said they were seen doing something together on Avenida del Libertador.


Source: Clarin

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