What will your sign look like?, the new series of meetings that Lali González will lead at El Trece

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El Trece continues to renew its weekly program in a 2023 that started with many changes. In this case, the channel announced the premiere of a dating show (a dating sub-genre) which will run from Monday to Friday and which will “unite soul mates who haven’t found their true love yet”.

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The next Monday February 13, at 2.30 pm and hosted by Lali Gonzálezrange What’s your sign?a program that it will help the participants to find a partnerbased on the characteristics of the zodiac signs.

In each edition there will be a “protagonist of the day”, who will register to find a couple among the candidates represented by a team: Water, Air, Fire and Earth. Each of them is made up of celebrities whose sign is included within each element.

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The “Water” group will consist of Aníbal Pachano, Adabel Guerrero, the designer Jorge Rey and Virginia Gallardo. “Aire” will have the model and the host Martina Fasce, the model and television presenter Axel Neri and the singer and drag queen La Queen.

Ailén Bechara, Mica Lapegüe and actor Nico Maiques will be part of the “Fuego” team. In the “Earth” group will be the driver Juani Martínez, the influencer Mariano de la Canal, Matilda Blanco and Imanol Rodríguez.

Each team will try to win their candidate, e will help the protagonist of the day to find love through the characteristics of his signunderlining the coincidences and differences with the rest.

The cycle it is intuition similar to 12 heartsan American format produced for the Telemundo channel which had a first Argentine version hosted by Claribel Medina in 2003, and a second local edition by Andrew Politi.

Along the lines of other well-known programs such as I want to get married, Cupid -or newer All for love– throughout the program candidates will be eliminated according to the wishes of the participant, until you know if you finally find your true love.

Lali González’s debut as a presenter

Lali González joins this group of actresses-hosts From dating shows -formed by the same Politti and Medina, among others-, after consecrate in A 1-5/18the soap opera that El Trece aired in 2021.

The Paraguayan who played Rita in the famous strip Polka -and he is a prominent figure in his country-, will now be at the head of this new cycle dedicated to love and which aims to refresh the summer schedule.

González was very happy and enthusiastic about this great return to Argentine television. “It’s always nice to go back to the place where you were happy. It’s a new challenge to be in charge of a TV program as an official presenter. Of all the chances I’ve handled in my career, this surprised me”, he told the site ElTrece.tv.

“I asked Adrián (Suar) if he was sure of what he was doing and he told me: ‘I trust’. I replied that I don’t care what is coming. I will be as I am. I plan to have fun and have fun with this new proposition,” she added.

Born in Asuncion 36 years agoLali said that when she was offered her hosting debut, she thought: ‘This can’t happen to me’. “I think this show can be very entertaining and brings back a very good memory. People will always want to see the shape of mates.”summary.

Source: Clarin

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