China Suárez dedicated an affectionate post to Nicolás Cabré

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Eugenie the China Suarez surprised in the last hours Nicholas Cabre with a notice happy Birthday which was accompanied by an unpublished photo of the actor with Rufina, the daughter they have in common and who made them a family.

“Happy birth, Nicolás Cabré. Let’s toast to many more years raising our Rufita together”wrote the famous actress about an image of the gallant growing up Rufina a few hours after her birth, 9 years ago, which she shared in her stories of instagram.

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“What a beautiful message!! Thank you, thank you and thank you!”Cabré responded by reposting that story on his account of the aforementioned social network, where he is followed by just over half a million followers and this Monday February 6th many greeted him as his parents arrived 43 years old.

China's greeting to Nicolás Cabré on his birthday and the actor's response.

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China’s greeting to Nicolás Cabré on his birthday and the actor’s response.

“Happy birthday to me!! Thanks for all the messages!!”the actor thanked next to an image in which he is seen embracing Rufina next to a bonfire and with a beautiful landscape in the background.

As it turned out, that postcard was taken in an exclusive hotel in Uco ValleyIn meannesswhere father and daughter specially went to receive this new year in the life of the actor.

Nicolás Cabré celebrated his birthday with Rufina in Mendoza.  Photo: Instagram

Nicolás Cabré celebrated his birthday with Rufina in Mendoza. Photo: Instagram

Among other friends of the artistic environment, Agostina Cherriwho was also his girlfriend 20 years ago, greeted him online with a tender message. “Happy birthday, I love you”, commented the actress.

While, Flavia Palmiericonductor of The wave celebratesa cycle in which Cabré began his acting career when he was 10, wrote to him: “Happy birthday genius. I love you very much.”

“Happy birthday, Nico,” she told him. Jasmine Stuart. And María Valenzuela, whom Nico directs in the show Tom, Dick and Harry, dedicated a nice: “Happy birthday, I will say.”

“Happy birthday, Nico,” added Mar Tarrés. And Gabriela Sari pointed out the photo of her with Rufina and expressed: “That hug! The best gift. Happy birthday Nico! I love you.”

Greetings from Mariano Martínez to Nicolás Cabré.

Greetings from Mariano Martínez to Nicolás Cabré.

For his part, Mariano Martineza close friend of the birthday boy and star of the play he directs on Avenida Corrientes, he dedicated a special post to him on his Instagram stories.

“Happy return to the sun Nicolás Cabré. May all your wishes come true. I love you very much”wrote the gallant and former partner of Nico in they are lovesthe very successful drama Polka in which they starred together in 2002.

The excellent relationship between Nicolás Cabré and Eugenia the China Suarez

Nicholas Cabre AND Eugenia la China Suarez They have a great relationship and spend a lot of time together rufinathe greater of both.

despite being separated for 10 yearsJust four months after Rufi’s birth, and having rebuilt their lives, the actors are intimate and don’t hide their feelings.

Nicolás Cabré with La China Suárez and her daughter Rufina.

Nicolás Cabré with La China Suárez and her daughter Rufina.

A few days ago, in fact, the actor made a special post on his networks with images together with Eugenia, Rufina and her ex mother-in-law, Marcela Riveiro Mitsumori.

“You have no idea of ​​the pride and happiness that everything we have achieved gives me, the family that we are. You also have no idea how good and important it is to me that they came. Thank you, I love you,” wrote the actor referring to the visit he received from his ex-wife, his mother and his daughter at the Comafi Multitheatrewhere the work he directs is presented.

Source: Clarin

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