Marcelo Longobardi’s move to Rivadavia is imminent, after only one season on CNN

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The details are not yet known, but everything indicates that in the next few hours the transfer of Marcello Longobardi on Radio Rivadavia, after only one season on CNN Radio.

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The reporter, who has been an early morning radio leader with Radio 10 and Miter AM for the past 20 yearshe would leave his morning program and land at Rivadavia (AM 630) at the same time.

Longobardi currently lives in Miami, from where he went live every morning from 6 to 10. But Monday and Tuesday of this week he was not on the air, as were his pundits Guillermo “Willy” Kohan and Juan Dillon, only José Pepe Gil Vidal, Romina Aldana, Nicolas Singer and Maite Peñoñori.

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Marcello Longobardi.

Marcello Longobardi.

An eloquent fact is that the program has ceased to be called Lombards on CNN Radio and it happened CNN – Early morning. She last hosted the program on Monday 30th January. The next day he was there only 10 minutes because his wife had an accident.

Radio Rivadavia, for its part, yesterday Monday debuted in preview new programmingwith Ari Paluch from 6 to 10, Jonatan Viale from 10 to 12 (instead of 3 to 5 pm), Baby Etchecopar from 12 to 2 pm (instead of 12 to 3 pm), Cristina Pérez from 2 to 4 pm, Nelson Castro from 4 to 18, Luis Majul from 18 to 20 and Ari Paluch from 20 to 22.

Longobardi would enter the area on the grid that Paluch temporarily occupies.

The return to a traditional station

Despite the strong launch campaign, Longobardi’s program never caught on and could not compete on equal terms with Eduardo Feinmann, who took the space left free on Radio Mitre.

It will happen Rivadavia would give him more chances to fight for the top positions and win back the audience.

The farewell of 2021

It should be remembered that his farewell to Miter took place in tears: “It is a very complex and traumatic decision to make, the result of very deep personal questions”, he said.

Marcelo Longobardi would leave CNN Radio and also his weekly TV show.

Marcelo Longobardi would leave CNN Radio and also his weekly TV show.

“We all aspire in life to do something. Leader of something. It doesn’t matter what. From a radio, a factory, a greengrocer or a family. We all try to be something. And I’ve had the privilege of realizing that. And I’ve lived with this situation for several years,” he said.

And he reflected: “I know the positive and negative side of the responsibility of success. And every complex aspect of what it means in a country like Argentina to be the leader of something.”

“I really liked all this. And I was very happy. But it seems to me that 21 years is enough. I don’t think about it now, it’s been two years. I never told him. Except to a few other people. To what extent should one stretch, fall in love and hang on to a successful situation?” Longobardi said in November 2021.

The driver also said that “one must know how to set a limit, not become obsessed, cloying or believe one is that success”, because “success belongs to the public, to the radio, to many factors”.

At the end of his words he released: “I can proudly say that 21 years of successes are too many. You have to know how to let go, be grateful and accept the challenge of leaving a success. Leave the comfort zone feeling alive and not falling in love with the devil wrongly “.

“I wasn’t that important, but I hope I was something useful. Success isn’t really and at some point it has to be reciprocated… No one is indispensable,” he concluded.

In March 2022, he announced his arrival on CNN, which began on April 11.amid controversy due to the limited range of the antenna.

Currently, her official Instagram account hasn’t posted any posts since January 30 this year.

Source: Clarin

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