It has been confirmed: Wanda Nara will be the new host of MasterChef Argentina

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This was announced on Tuesday afternoon by Telefe Wanda Nara will be the new host of the program Argentina Master Chefafter several seasons at the helm of Santiago del Moro.

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The successful cooking competition will have the prestigious judging panel Donato De Santis, Damian Betular and German Martitegui.

Wanda Nara in Telefe's tweet about MasterChef

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Wanda Nara in Telefe’s tweet about MasterChef

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In addition to doing Dancing with the Stars in Italy and some participation as a panelist, the last program in which Wanda Nara was seen on Argentine television was Who is the mask?, which Oreiro was driving. Wanda shared a panel with Lizy Tagliani, Roberto Moldavsky and Karina La Princesita.

The "investigators" of Who is the mask?  Catch TV.

The “investigators” of Who is the mask? Catch TV.

The four speakers had very different profiles, where everyone played in their own way, as if to distinguish themselves from each other and impose themselves in front of the public.

His presence has generated as many expectations as the debut of the cycle itself and already, from the first appearance on the screen, has aroused all kinds of opinions. From her wardrobe to her interventions, the media entrepreneur was the newest of the bunch, in terms of television experience in an entertainment cycle. She and she was seen as a little girl with a new toy, showing an enthusiasm that sometimes overflowed.

Accustomed to the media Wanda who speaks openly about her private life and who manages the exposure and the scandal like few others in the environment, in the Telefe cycle she started off a bit bewildered and testing her new profile. Neither the presenter, nor her colleagues, nor the public could predict very well where Wanda would turn every time she expressed her opinion on the participants.

In the first week of the aired cycle he didn’t deprive himself of showing his share of cheek. “I want to see that tail, to see if I recognize her… she’ll be my sister, but Zaira doesn’t move like that, she’s grosser,” she said trying to guess the identity of one of the masked men.

In another of the broadcasts, discovering that the famous person under the mask was the plastic artist Marta Minujín, he said to her: “You have done very well, dedicate yourself to this”, in front of the astonished gaze of Oreiro and the rest of his companions.

And undeterred by a possible mistake, Wanda went from speaking Italian to asking “what’s pastrami?” At one point she looked like those students who mess up the class and distract the others, who have to be controlled to try not to get everything out of hand.

Source: Clarin

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